Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2017


Hard luck Keego, you’ve a very solid team there. Nearly looked like those few walkovers in the summer cost you a bit of momentum. Hopefully you can regroup and go again next year. It’s a tough league to get out of with some very good teams there. I’d expect yourselves, O’Dwyers and the losers of the final to be up there again next year with Ballymun to be strong coming up from 6.

Any idea when that final will be?


We actually spoke about that Sunday night. With the walkovers given, we actually only played 3 games at home all year (one was switched to Skerries at the beginning of the season due to lack of floodlights). No excuses though, Na Fianna much better on the day. It’s difficult to call really, all depends on who has the bodies available throughout the season and we’ve been slightly unlucky in this regard. Contrast to last season where we had everyone available at almost every game and had little to no injuries throughout the entire year.

I heard it was going to be this weekend, but nothing confirmed as of yet from the CB. Does it go to league position as to where it is played?


Definitely need that bit of luck on player availability and when certain fixtures fall, especially during those summer months.

Going by the division 4 thread, it’s the highest placed team that gets home advantage so it will be played at Na Fianna’s ground


In years gone by it used to be a neutral venue but that may have changed.

Sunday was a sickner to us again. At one stage we were four up in the second half and were moving well. Raheny got a penalty to bring it back to 1. It stayed this close and right at the end they broke up the pitch and scored their 3rd goal to go 2 up. We kicked a point in hope of winning the kickout and going for another but it wasn’t to be.

The league this year was a disaster from the start with only 13 games. The season was so spread out. Then add in the walkovers. We received 2 in total and from June to Sunday we played 5 games, including Sunday.

15th Oct
10th Sep
27th Aug
25th Jul
2nd Jul


Game was provisionally fixed for Sunday in last week’s fixtures but email fyom ccc yesterday it’s fixed for bank holiday sunday,highest placed team has home advantage


Didnt think they played games bank hol weekend is date a definate date


Final was played mid week last year under lights. Same might be done here


Raheny beat Na Fianna by 3


Gutted to lose yesterday,gave away a bad goal right on half time having been on top for most of the first half and just never got going in the second half .In fairness over 60 minutes Raheny deserved the win.Another year of sunday morning football to look forward to !!


Unlucky D9er, was surprised to hear the result as you lads were the best team we played other than Skerries.
Huge congratulations to Raheny, serious achievement.