Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2017


Conceed 5 goals and blame the ref lol.


think you have the wrong person blaming the ref. Something Witty said the ref was very good in his game


If you are taking about @something_witty post he was praising the ref rather than blaming him, except for his yellow card.


Ah got it wrong sorry


Made my season debut in Div5 yesterday. Shows how stuck we were! Not as stuck as Craobh though who had to start with 14 including their manager playing in goals. The 15th player arrived half way through the first half

Ref was decent :grinning:


How many years ago to when Craobh would have been playing against your first team, @Harper? They have fallen away quite badly, especially in football.


Dont know, we were talking about it yesterday. I played against them for the second team about 4 years ago in AFL6 but cant remember playing against them for the first team


some big games in this league tonight, with Skerries V Na Fianna and O’Dwyers with a local derby against Maurs, Raheny will have a battle against ballinteer, should sort out the favourites for this league.


Isles beat Clontarf 12-10


ODwyers beat Maurs well. Very well.


St Maurs 0-05 O’Dwyers 5-18


Very well indeed …


Harps 1-14 Na Fianna 0-11


Good to see o dywers doing well. A few minors coming up? @whatever


Peregrines beat Mearnog by a point… we were oh so close to our first win of the season… but sure look, lovely pitch, lovely evening, peregrines lads were sound out, that’s what it’s really all about, ain’t it?


Odwyers look like they are getting their act together after many years, great to see for sure if there is youth coming through. Big game now between them and Skerries to see who will win the league in Division 5 i reckon, not writing anyone off yet but looks like after the wins last night those two teams pulling way


S_W, it was a very good game of football that could easily have gone either way. Your no.5 was excellent, his passing was really good. The game game was played in great spirit, well done.


Ah I thought No. 12 was better… screamer of a goal he got in the first half :wink::wink:


that was a screamer alright! fair play you took it well.


From last night

Ballyboden St Endas 8-03 St Maurs 0-08
Round Towers C 1-07 Erins Isle 3-11