Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


As of now Dublin haven’t qualified for the 2018 All Ireland Final. If we do qualify I’m sure DCB will then give the matter some thought.


Yeah you’re right BD. How dare any club player, management, friends and family (the other 99% as we’re often reminded) question when these games be fixed for. We’re all just mere serfs after all. Emancipation awaits, someday!


No problem in people asking questions but this is a case of the cart being put before the horse. Imagine the reaction from the media and other counties if it was announced that Dublin fixtures are postponed because of the All Ireland final before we even play in the semifinal.
How stupid would we look if we happened to get beaten in the semifinal.


In most organisations it’s called a contingency plan. I don’t see the harm in having one. Not here to have a cut off the DCB, but letting the club fraternity plan a few weeks in advance would be nice and considerate. People work weekends and take holidays in this day and age.


Clann Mhuire beat C/Knock by 3 points, unfortunate short kick out directly to Clann Mhuire player leading to a goal all to separate the two sides


Finians Newcastle beat cuala by one


St Monicas 1-10 Clan Na Gael 2-15


Any result from the Maggie’s Thomas Davis game at the weekend?


TD gave a Walkover


Hill16 showing it as void game whatever that’s about if game was conceded


2 walk overs for Maggie is a disgrace.


Maybe but no fault of maggies im sure the lads want to play matches not jyst training all the time


Can’t blame Maggies but must be very annoying on other teams near the top of that league. I think there are 3 or 4 teams still trying for for the play off places with one game left. As you say no fault of Maggies but to see a rival gifted 2 points in such a tight league must be frustrating.


Seen Maggie’s against trinity in champo would have beat td handy decent side with a lot of pacey young players


Have Thomas Davis given walkovers for their last 2 games?


They have given 3 so far I think ?


Looks like it.
What way does relegation work? Bottom two automatic with 4th from bottom v 3rd for bottom in a relegation play-off?




If that’s the case, Monica’s will be safe unless Skerries manage to win away to league-chasing Margaret’s. That’s unfortunate on Skerries - they should reasonably expect their rivals to have to earn their points. That said, I would have expected ourselves to have beaten TD in our last game. Looking at the table, Castleknock should be safe as you’d imagine they’ll win one of their last two games against teams who little to play for.


so castleknock 1st and 2nds potentially relegated in same season. Inevitable dip I suppose after a dramatic climb over last 10 years.