Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Due to a bereavement in Castleknock


Know the lad well RIP. Shocking news.


Sorry to hear lads!!


Skerries Harps 4-11 St Finians (S) 1-10 (Half time score was 3-4 to 1-7)


Wheels have come off the wagon for Finians.
They looked a cert for auto promotion for the first half of the season.


There’s a few teams looking like they’ve down one lap too many with Ben Hur.

Place Team Played Wins Draws Losses For Against Points Difference Points
1 Man O War 13 9 2 2 183 147 36 20
2 St Margarets 12 9 0 3 228 160 68 18
3 St Vincents 13 9 0 3 206 156 50 18
4 Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 13 8 0 5 221 183 38 16
5 Clann Mhuire 13 8 0 5 191 165 26 16
6 Cuala 13 8 0 5 178 182 -4 16
7 St Finians (S) 13 7 1 5 192 178 14 15
8 Raheny 13 6 1 6 180 174 6 13
9 St Judes 12 6 0 6 191 175 16 12
10 St Finians (N) 12 5 1 6 176 200 -24 11
11 Castleknock 12 5 1 6 177 203 -26 11
12 St Monicas 13 5 1 7 187 233 -46 11
13 Skerries Harps 13 4 2 7 199 220 -21 10
14 St Oliver Plunketts 13 4 0 9 174 240 -66 8
15 Kilmacud Crokes 12 2 1 9 163 201 -38 5
16 Thomas Davis 12 1 0 11 149 178 -29 2

Table after last night- looks to confirm what we already knew as Margarets were given the points against Vincents. Last day of the season looking even more important now for Man O War, could well decide both if they get automatic promotion and who wins the league. Might Skerries pull themselves out of relegation playoff? Would have to think if the teams ahead of them win even one game then that’s them stuck in the playoff- they could beat Kilmacud but couldn’t see them beating Margarets on the final day of the season with them pushing for the league


When Margaret’s lost to St Jude’s in early June, their record was P5, W2 & L3. Seven wins (including pts vs St Vincent’s) since then.
I think Skerries will have to win their last two games or get a win and a draw (including one against St Margaret’s) to avoid a play-off. St Monica’s have a game against an already-doomed Thomas Davis. That would put Monica’s on 13 points, if they win.
OPER have a tough one against Man-O-War - hard to see them getting anything from that but you just never know.
Two bad defeats in their last two games has knocked St Finian’s (S) right back. If they’d have won those two games, they’d be right in it.


Would agree with you on Skerries, I can’t see them picking up more than 2 points and from the teams they could catch at present Castelknock probably have the toughest run with Clann Mhuire, St Judes and Finians N, but would be surprised if they were to loose all three of those.
Very surprised by Finians S, must be missing quite a few players, as is practically every team, but can really see the effect on both them and Vincents.
I know it has been asked, but what is the deal with promotion playoffs under the new system? Is it 3 and 4 who playoff or is it 3, 4, 5, 6 following a similar system to last year?


Just 3 & 4…in what is one of the more stupid rule changes recently…and there have been a few (the H2H for multiple teams being the best “worst”)


Ah, personally wouldn’t be too strongly against it, I know a lot of divisions can be very tight in that area, but generally feel a team who finishes second deserves promotion, hate seeing when a team who has done fairly well all year looses out due to one poor game at the very end, think 5th and 6th would be pushing it, as I said, it can be very tight but generally teams finish where they do for a reason, the more likely it is that teams closer to the top get promoted the better. That’s just my opinion of the situation, I know others will see it completely differently to myself


I see your point, and i agree that it should be top 2 up, but for me reducing the playoffs to two teams does not out-way the evil of having “dead rubbers” at the end of the season.
By having places down to 6th up for grabs you keep more teams (and players) interested to the end of the year. There would be less w/o’s, less absolute hidings late in the year against ragball rovers teams who look like something dragged out of the boozer. All for the sake of saving 2 matches…


Another good example of why a 4 team playoff is good is last years AFL3.
Boughal (4th) went out to Parnells (3rd) and won and Barrog (5th) went out to Finbars (2nd) and won (may have the placings backwards, but both away teams won anyway)

That same Boughal team is now 4th in AFL2…so well worth their promotion


Fair play to Ballyboughal, I remember seeing that they’d gone up and being impressed by the circumstances, hadn’t realised where they were placed. Albeit, that’s a rare occurrence, wouldn’t use that for a main argument, completely get what you’re saying with the dead rubber games, although I’ll still be treating the final games of the season as I would any other, I’m well aware others do not, but suppose that’s a common trend in many sports. Depends which way you look at it, based on who is more deserving I think you’ve to agree the new system is better, but if you want the overall intensity of the league continuing right until the end the old system is the stronger choice, which is more important though, who deserves it or competitiveness staying higher longer is a different matter


I like the new system, i just think they should have left the p/off to 4 teams.


What is the story with Margaret’s game in hand? Who’s it against? Table has them down as playing 12 games but only 2 remaining fixtures listed? Nothing to do with the Vincents game not being listed because they are down as playing 13 but only 2 left also.


No result listed from an earlier game against Thomas Davis, I think. Not sure why.


Bad injury to a Maggies player. Ya could probably chalk it down as 2 points in the bag at this stage


Hazarding a guess that the games originally fixed for the 25th of August will be on the 22nd of September if Dublin make the all Ireland final? Anyone any idea when we’ll find out or are they waiting til after the weekend to decide? I might have just answered my own question there


Hurling championship that weekend so highly unlikely