Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Could Vincent’s not have brought a few lads up from their next team down just for one game and try to win the game that way?
Not that it’s the fault of St Margaret’s but they may get a play-off spot at someone else’s expense on foot of getting those two points. A very disappointing scenario, if it comes to pass.


Ah come on @Dubsfanhurler - you know if the boot was on the other foot @alanoc would say very little … :smirk:


Cuala got a walk over from Davis according to Twitter the other night


No way of telling now, but would have guessed they’d have made the playoffs regardless of the Vincents result (had it gone ahead), they’re currently tied fourth with two games in hand and five games left (albeit, one of those two in hand is the Vincents game they’ll probably be given points for), reckon they’d have picked up points in all their final games, except maybe against Finians S, but with their waver in form the last five or so games would have had my money on Margarets


You’re probably correct in guessing Margaret’s would have made it and, as I pointed out, regardless of what way things turn out, it’s not their fault. It doesn’t excuse what has happened, however.


Oh yeah I know I completely agree with you, you’d think a team top of the division that are one of the biggest clubs in the county should be able to field a team during a drive for both the league and promotion, now, presuming Margarets get the points for that game they could well end up winning the league based on fixtures, presumably Vincents have a load of lads on holidays at the moment and are playing Clanna Gael tomorrow who last year I thought were okay but this year have proven a strong team, if they slip up now it would be Margarets to loose, after it initially looked like Margarets and Man O War would be battling it out for second place and automatic promotion

Place Team Played Wins Draws Losses For Against Points Difference Points
1 St Vincents 11 9 0 2 193 143 50 18
2 Man O War 12 8 2 2 171 137 34 18
3 Cuala 12 8 0 4 168 170 -2 16
4 St Finians (S) 12 7 1 4 179 155 24 15
5 St Margarets 10 7 0 3 196 153 43 14
6 Clann Mhuire 12 7 0 5 191 165 26 14
7 Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 12 7 0 5 195 170 25 14
8 Raheny 12 6 1 5 180 174 6 13
9 St Judes 12 6 0 6 191 175 16 12
10 St Finians (N) 12 5 1 6 176 200 -24 11
11 St Monicas 12 5 1 6 180 201 -21 11
12 Castleknock 12 5 1 6 177 203 -26 11
13 Skerries Harps 12 3 2 7 176 207 -31 8
14 St Oliver Plunketts 12 3 0 9 162 235 -73 6
15 Kilmacud Crokes 12 2 1 9 163 201 -38 5
16 Thomas Davis 11 1 0 10 144 166 -22 2

That’s the current table after putting in the walkover given by Thomas Davis to Cuala, Margarets games in hand are the Vincents one and Thomas Davis, good chance of four points there from the sounds of things. Vincents and Man O War on the final day of the season may be interesting


Looking at the table, that potential concession by Vincent’s might end up costing them automatic promotion.


Not sure if Vincents are one of biggest club in size…i’d doubt they are in top 10 playing numbers wise.
All teams suffer from holiday etc, be that weakened teams or W/O so if Margarets go up in auto spot, well deserved.
Match versus Clan Na Gael now key as you’d imagine they’ll be fine as TD leaving Man O War matcha s winner take all.


I love how he , in a roundabout way, is admitting Vinnies were wrong, but god forbid we had a little fun with it at the same time… fun, that all, just a bit of banter. Its ok Alan, we know it wasn’t your decision, but it is fun to poke at vinnies for once :kissing_heart:


I could only imagine the condition of that pitch in front of the clubhouse @ vinnies. It was an ankle breaker well before the recent drought-like conidtions…


The MIE pitch looked ok!!!


I’ll admit, no idea of the size numbers wise, but would have presumed they would still be relatively large, definitely with enough to draw from minor and a 3rd team as multiple teams in this division have done, with their 3rd’s being only 2 Divisions behind you could have to pull from far worse sources


and to think, I thought Vincents would stroll to automatic promotion only a few weeks ago, I remember when playing Castleknock I thought Vincents looked the strongest all round team in the division (and I still stand by that based on that outing), would be a bit of an upset if they ended up in qualifiers


Everyone knows vins were short on Saturday there was a wedding on the Friday and a club funeral also over the weekend there afl1 team took all there best players and decided not to play mags with a understrentgh team showing a lack of class by a club that should know the differe
nce between doing the right thing by filling the fixture or concede


Shameful behaviour from what you regard a respectable club!
However, they’re not the first or last to try pull a fast one like this


And to clarify, if somebody passed away, condolences. But could they not have used this as genuine reason to change via county board?


Rumour points awarded to mags vins can appeal pressure on Maggie’s now to win all remaining games


they ate the pressure with the spuds out in those parts…would be good to see a few more hardy north county men back in afl3


Castleknock Finians N game off this evening- to be played at a later date