Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


If ref deemed pitch playable and Margaret’s offered theirs then that seems open and shut.


Mad behaviour for a team winning the league


Why was pitch deemed unplayable? Hardly waterlogged!


Have you seen the state of the pitch outside the clubhouse?? No matches should be played there anyway, but dont they have more pitches behind the clubhouse?


It wasnt. Vinnies didnt have a full team/a team and tried to pull a fast one. Maggies should get the points.


It’s a no brainer Maggie’s should get points down to refs report hopefully rules are carried out but we will see


2nd club pitch is due to be dug up in coming month for all weather so I’d imagine it’s been left alone during recent drought. It’s sand based pitch so probably suffers worse than most without water.
There is a college pitch out the back which , unless exams etc, could have been used.
I’d imagine seeing as ref didn’t call it off, points will be awarded to Margaret’s. Tightens things up at the top.


Ballyfermot played on St Vincents pitch today (after a night of more rain)heard pitches were in very good condition… vinnies trying to pull a fast one id imagine


They have pitches in St Anne’s that could be used as well


Big Club thinking they can flex Big Muscle.
Very very obvious what they’ve tried to do.
Ref deems playable & maggies willing to play home or away, should be a simple concession by Vincent’s… but who knows with DCB


St Anne’s pitch is a juvenile pitch and shared with Raheny.


Come down of the Cross there. We could use the wood.


The one at the corner of the corner of the Howth Road and All Saints Road? (Pitch 3 I think)
Certainly used to play adult games on it, I played 2/3 times against them on that pitch over the years


St. Annes 1. Cannot understand why they didn’t play there or the MIE. Leading the league and handing two points to another team defies explanation.


Pitch 1 is the shared pitch, pitch 3 is Vinnies, this is used for u.13s and below, think it was shortened due to Rugby pitches either side. Trained on it last year with u.14s and our keeper could score from puck out.


As far as I know the game was down for St. David’s Alan. Think Anne’s 1 is now designated juvenile pitch afaik.


For what? Goalposts. “Dublins biggest oldest club…” afraid to play a game, do the noble and play or conceed instead of “playing games”


Pitch one is a fine pitch alright. Friend of mine had a bad leg break on it about 10 years ago in a junior b game.
Didn’t realise it is shared with Raheny


We’re not the biggest and nowhere near the oldest club in Dublin. Maybe you could use the wood for to put a bigger chip on your shoulder.

I’ve no idea what went on but it certainly sounds like the game should have been played and Vincents will likely lose the points. You could probably leave it at that.


Nah, fancy sticking the boot in some more :joy: