Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Heard it was a tight game. Crokes up at half time. Strong second half from Plunketts.



Fair play steveyblue, great coverage of the leagues in fairness. When are you going down as far as AFL9??


…or 11S :slight_smile:


Don’t think Monica lewinski would go down that far :wink:


Did the Finians Swords Thomas Davis game get played on the 18th of February? No result up on Hill16


Yeh, Finians won by 5 I think


Finians Newcastle 3-13 Margaret’s 1-8


I presume it’s ok to mention referees on this site if it’s positive? With so many complaints about referees in general, I felt the referee for clann mhuire v Finians (s) was absolutely brilliant last night. Can’t remember his name but great ref.


Yes, praise for referees is welcome!


It wasn’t Finyin was it?


Dave Aston according to


Don’t think so but I could be wrong.


Dave’s a good ref and if he’s reffing us out in the north county I do be happy!


Dave was a daysent hurler, back in the day and a gent.



How is that top lad still reffing? He was brutal a few years ago and I can’t imagine he’s improved. Do they not get assessed at all?


Sure nobody wants to be a ref


This is true but you’d expect the standard to go up slightly as you go up the leagues Mr. Moylan


Finians 3-14 Monicas 0-7