Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Down from afl3… unlikely to figure. Mid table at best.


Castleknock 1-13 Crokes 0-4


Cuala beating judes bit of a shock. Will cuala challenge this year.?margarets could be hard to beat this yea


big shock the naul losing to plunketts. Are they struggling this year?


They’ve lost a good few players due to traveling I heard. Mightn’t be too easy for them to go straight back up


Plunketts have a few lads dropping down from last years senior squad due to age and work commitments, wouldn’t be surprised if they are in the shake up for the league come the end of the year.


I was at the Vincent’s and Finnians N game, Vincent’s won’t trouble this year, finnians looked sharper and more experienced, did well for a Kildare team playing in Dublin league especially away to Vincent’s. they seemed to play with that kind of Culchie attitude but it worked, they’ll take points this year.


When did Newcastle become part of Kildare??


Sure they all think they’re Kildare out there don’t they? I heard they don’t like being called Dubs out there!


What would that be ?


According to Tourism Ireland:
“the growth of commercial construction in and around Dublin City in recent years, this area on the Kildare border is still primarily rural in nature and is seen by some as a part of neighbouring Kildare”


Siege mentality, defensive football, point to prove against a Dublin side coming in from Kildare eager not to get a beaten


Vincent’s must have been poor alright if they lost to that .


This weekends fixtures and a some attempts st predictions based on recent years and the last round of games:

Clanna Gael v Thomas Davis
St Margerets v Man O War
St Finians S v St Finians N
St Monica’s v Clann Mhuire
St Vincent’s v St Jude’s
SOPER v Crokes
Cuala v Raheny
Skerries v Castleknock


Very poor, young team. As I said I can’t see them doing much


What players dropped down?


Heres a video of what happens when you remind the Finians N lads they’re from Kildare:


Skerries 0-13 Castleknock 1-10


Vincents beat Jude’s by 1


Plunketts beat crokes.