Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Vincent’s concedes to Margaret’s. Maggie’s won’t be involved in the tie. Therefore the rule doesn’t apply. I cannot see how the walkover affects a straight shoot out between two teams.


It wouldn’t, however it looks like it does in a 3 or more way tie.


Not unless Margaret’s are involved in the tie break. Which they won’t be.


My reading of that rule doesn’t mention giving a walkover to any of the two or three teams involved in the playoff. I read it as once you give a walkover you’re not involved in the playoff so would imagine Vincents miss out on that basis


nothing like the Official Guide for a bit of ambiguity


The phrase “that team” seems to cover it. Vincents are not affected as the w/o given was given against a team that will not be involved in any tie break scenario.


That’s how I read it as well


I read “that team” as referring to Vincents themselves and nk further reference to the mini league. Could easily be wrong but thats my interpretation of it


“That team” is only used in the bit about losing points because of an objection.
The walkover part only uses “that team” in the terms of the team giving the walkover. And that team shall not be included in any playoff!


That’s an argument for m’learned friends!

It’s a poorly phrased rule.




Best outcome is Man O War win then the teams won’t be tied otherwise could end up in CCCC and the DRA to find the outcome


If Man O War win it creates a 3 way tie for the 2 play off places


Moral of the story dont be given walkovers


Regardless, from the looks of things, unless MOW & Vincent’s draw, there will be some teams level on points, my understanding, prior to hearing MOW were told they’ve guaranteed promotion, would have been that winner between them goes up on H2H, and judging by the rule above, if Vincent’s loose they can’t compete in a 3 way tie break due to having given a w/o, only relevant though for the 3-way tie break as the rule states it has to be more than 2 teams


There would be a very strong argument against what you’re interpretation is. To me ‘that team’ could very easily be interpreted to mean, in this case, St. Margaret’s. Who won’t be involved in any kind of play off.

It could get very messy if results go a particular way.


Don’t worry, it’s not.


Castleknock 3-16 Finians 1-4


Finians must have had their over 40s out! Still, at least they fulfilled unlike more illustrious peers in the higher leagues.


Didn’t look a particularly old squad, but heard that was their 4th game in 2 weeks, never mind to them it was a nothing game, a shame for Skerries as it forces them into relegation playoff, but I’d say they’ll be grand