Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


Northway estate or Mckelvey side?




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Anyone know what the story will be with the promotion playoff? If Vincents loose to MOW that leaves it tied on 20 points between Vincents, Clann Mhuire & Clanne Gael, and I believe regarding H2H, Vincents beat Clann Mhuire, Clann Mhuire beat Clanna Gael and Clanna Gael beat Vincents, would this force them into points difference? Or does the fact that Vincents gave a W/O rule them out? Now, good chance Vincents beat MOW, I presume they’ll have a lot of lads they must have been missing towards the latter half of the season when they dipped in form and by all reports MOW will have nothing to really play for given they’re already up but can’t win


Man O War have definitely been promoted, according to their players after our match with them last night. Good side, like Margaret’s.

#230 has them at 2 points ahead of Vincents with 1 game left each. That game is against each other so surely if Vincents win they go level on points, but because there’ll only be them 2 teams on 22 points would Vincents not go through via head to head rule?
That would then put Man O War to 3rd with a home playoff?
Unless there’s something in the league that hasn’t been updated or is wrong?


I could be wrong but perhaps once you give a w/o, you might lose all tie breaker situations.

If this isn’t the case…it should be


Not when it’s only 2 teams as far as I know!

If they lose that match and end up with the other 2 teams on 20 points then pretty sure they finish bottom of that mini group because they gave a walkover!


I posted the rule above of when a walkover come into play.

From the league table and games remaining I can’t see how MOW are guaranteed promotion.


That’ll be a tasty winner takes all game so.


Thats a farce, Vins should be ruled out of automatic promotion should they finish level after the stroke they tried to pull against Maggies.


I see Vins are down to play MOW on Sat 27th. Vins (which I presume is the same team) are also fixed to play Inter Champ All County semi-final v Ballymun (replay) on the same day. Wonder which fixture will take precedence?


Championship will always take precedence.


Well, according to previous comments MOW have been told by country board they’re guaranteed promotion now, so I presume the w/o carries into H2H, possibly a punishment to discourage it in future, a lot of talk about how to try stop teams giving w/o’s, perhaps this is one of the attempts to discourage it


Not sure how that makes sense. They’ve already lost two points for a game. Seems like a double punishment to me, Depends on what the rules are but as far as I know it’s head to head.


I always thought that the walkover scenario would only come into play if the teams involved finished level on points so for example in this years league if mow vinnies and maggies finished level vinnies would lose out as they didnt play maggies but now that can’t happen I would have assumed the head to head with mow and vinnies would sort out who goes up(if vinnies win that game of course) but mow seem to have been told that they’re up maybe the rule changed


Heard that the county board member who told MOW they were promoted was working off last years rules, i believe the walkover rule has been removed from the start of this year. Game is winner takes all for the second automatic promotion place. If Vinnies lose they can still be in the 3rd place playoff depending on the H2H of the 3…i’m not sure how that works out, but i think that the fact they gave a walkover will have no impact on league standings.


I sincerely hope that isn’t true


I’m not sure anything has changed from last year, but definitely here is this years rules for ties:
My reading is that any team that gave a Walkover are excluded from a 3 or more team playoff!