Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


If vinnies beat man o war they finish equal on 22 Maggie’s have 24 so head to head with man o war vinnies would go up I think but maybe not can anyone clarify this


Talking to mow lad and they were told by county boarf that they have promotion.


Ok thanks for clarification


Good side alright think they’ll be ok in 3 but it’s a competitive division Hickey is a class act in fairness


H2H only counts if neither team have given a W/O…im open to correction and i’m sure @whatever can confirm or deny


As far as I understand a walkover will have no bearing in H2H as long as the walkover was not given to that team, which means a playoff. A walkover counts against a team of it goes to score difference.

Below is rule 6.21 which is used to decide.

Similar to yourself I am open to correction aswell.


Is he the half forward?


Yeah good player


Seen Maggie’s once this year very good and fast


I think those are championship rules, for league im pretty sure a walkover given comes before H2H points diff. etc.


If you are separating 2 teams on the same points. The H2H always comes first.


Well done to Maggies on winning the league. It’s mad to think that our second team was playing against their first team. Didn’t feel like so long ago when we were playing against each other in Div2 which were always good matches :men_wrestling::boxing_glove::boxing_glove::boxing_glove:


Clayton was in goal since then!!!


Well he was starting out in one of those earlier matches for sure. We got to know each other fairly well in one particular match!


Did he confuse you with the Quare One from The Deadman’s Inn?


Remember some titanic battles with Maggies in Div 2 also…glad to see them moving back in the right direction.
Their midfielder from back then (think his name was Dr Martin Luther King…or something to that effect…:shushing_face:) being one of the hardier boyo’s you’d ever come across.

Great facilities out there too, congrats to all involved.


He certainly was. We played their 3rd team I think last season, maybe the year before, anyway, they were arriving in the changing rooms and I see him with a gear bag… He was only looking after the team though and didn’t make an appearance on the pitch


Good to read that they are on the up. They have recently got a pitch across from Charlestown shopping centre and are getting numbers to boost their juvenile section from the housing estates there.


He was some man alright. Had a few run ins with him myself over the years. Mostly verbals. Cliche but always shook hands and had a good laugh after the game. He was doing umpire when I last played against them and was giving it loads from there as well ! A gas ticket.


I’ll let n*****r know you were all asking for him he will knock some crack out of it