Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018


If Skerries get a draw with maggies, then they will be level on points with Monica’s and having beaten Monica’s the head to head would mean they are safe. Its a big if though,


Maggie’s need a win to secure the league. It may be Monica’s saving grace.
Shouldn’t this game be played simultaneously with the Man-of-War/Vincent’s game (as well as other games that have something resting on it)?


Ideally, all game that have a bearing on the finishing positions should be played at the same time.

The practicalities of it, however are quite difficult with clubs still being involved in championships and hurling competitions. The CCC schedule the matches as soon as clubs become available to play them otherwise they would never get the competitions finished or clubs could be waiting for weeks to play games.

It’s not perfect but is better than waiting for weeks on end for clubs to be come available to play at the same time.


Castleknock second team was parachuted into AFL6 out of nowhere years ago when Park Rangers folded. They came second/third in AFL5 a couple years ago and were promoted despite losing playoff semi final.


Promoted without asking and didn’t evem know about it until fixtures were released.
At the time would have preferred to stay in AFL5.


When Park Rangers folded in 2012. Clubs were asked by county board if they were interested in going to AFL 6.
We had a strong minor panel that year and only a few of them were going to move into the 1st team so we put us forward and got in.

A lot was made about being parachuted in but we competed well and got promotion into 5 so it would have been better than winning easily in lower divisions.


Still should of been in lower leagues. Win them leagues and earn promotion fairly. I’m sure a lot of them minors would have went into first team after a year or two. We also had Kevins Killians jump from AFL 11 to 9 to 7 without even winning a league. I know Gaeil Oga requested to be put into AFL7 or 8 in their second in existence and were turned down at the time.


Was any other club affected : NO
Im sure teams in div 9/10 would prefer not to have a runaway team. Its not senior football.

Championships are there to win and gain promotion.

Not sure why it bothers people.


I’m sure division 7 teams were annoyed at the time. No guarantee they would have won afl7 or 8 as Parnells basically were playing their old senior team at the time.


Sure we’ll never know.
Not sure why its even relevant anymore.


If Parnells were so strong they would have moved up the leagues, they’re division 8 now and soon to be division 9. That knock team were too good for division 7 or 8 which was proven by a promotion out of division 6, a top 3 finish in division 5 and most likely staying in division 4 for 2 years. If it was the wrong decision they would have dropped down the leagues, not gone up them. I’m sure the automatic promotion to division 6 was offered to division 7 teams at the time but not every team wants promotion from their current league


Parnells won AFL 7,6, 5 and missed out on playoffs in 4. When imports left the club fell apart at all levels. My point is clubs should not be allowed to jump leagues regardless who they have playing for them.


I get your point and normally I would be dead against any club/team getting preferential treatment but I don’t think it would have benefited either the team or the league to have them down in division 8 starting off. I know hindsight is great but looking at where they are now the decision was proved right.

What league would you have put them in?


Just heard Skerries senior game switched to 230pm from 430pm that could help their 2nd team in Maggie’s game so Monica’s not out of woods yet


May do. Whoever has to play in the play-off will have home advantage and you’d imagine should have enough to beat SOPER though you never know.
Maggie’s chasing the league, however - it would be a shock if they didn’t beat Skerries.


Yeah suppose they should beat oper if Maggie’s win do they win the league


Maggie beat Skerries by 7 Naul beat Cuala by 1


If vinnies beat man o war they’ll go straight up on the head to head with Maggie’s winning yesterday that’d be hard on man o war as they lead the league for a good while


Super year for Maggie’s league and cup double should be ok in division 3 for me had the best player in this division in Conor hickey


Vinnys don’t get head to head as they gave a walk over. Maggies and war already have it