Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


I agree. It should be played this weekend as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know the reason why it wouldn’t be.


I agree it should be played, was wondering if this was the “logic”


How do Maggie’s feel they wouldn’t have played since last round of league will be 5 weeks between games for them


Surely not. That’s the same time as seniors are playing the semifinal.
This Sunday morning is obvious day to play it.


AFL4 down for 16:45 & SFC down for 18:45


Judes beat Maggies by 2 this morning. They were lucky to get the win in the end.

Final against Counsel next Sunday I believe.


Goal in the last minute was it?




Judes down for ahl4 fixture next sun arent they


Will the final be in a neutral venue or in Counsel?


From past experiences it’s in the ground Belonging to the team to who finished highest


That is correct


Could someone post time/ location details of the final please


Venue will be Galtymore Road. Match was due to be played this Sunday at 11am but Judes involved in hurling competitions and Inter Championship so it’s up in the air when it will be played.




Any date on Counsel/Judes game?


Presume it while be next weekend since Judes play crokes in inter semi this weekend.


Judes stil have ahl4 game to play aswel and need to win to avoid relegation


Absolute farce of a situation. Game should have been played weeks ago


Counsel v judes sun 5th nov. Counsel not had match for weeks judes slight favs maybe