Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


Thanks. There won’t be a cow milk for a week


Some srón


No modelling contracts in Trinity any time soon anyway .


No modelling contracts in Trinity gaels need. We are happy with leauge titles… Where the quinns on the pitch today no stand out like the talk they got


Surprise suprise Trinity Gaels league Chanpionship…

DOUBT US NOW :red_circle::black_circle:️:red_circle::black_circle:




Sorry lads read back on post that people put up gave trinity no hope. So we answered the question.


Enjoy the win. And I’ve no issue with you rubbing it in . nobody gave you a prayer


And you care what some lads on a forum say, why???


Well done to trinity. Both sides had 2 purple patches in the game. Trinity got a goal during theirs… That was the winning of it. Dean Kelly was excellent.


Watched the trinity councel game it was a great game of football .trinity deserved to win it .half back line and midfeild were very good . Trinity killing teams this year with their set up .be intresting to see them in championship few weeks .didnt think much of the quinns on the day


davis conceededa lot af goals last weekend so hard to see them doing anything against trinity in champo although i think trinity only won league game by a last minute point


Wasn’t at the Davis/ man o War game but Davis scraped a team together, alot serious amount of lads missing and they dint take players from there div 7 team as they’d an important game nxt day, id fancy Davis to bt trinity Gaels in champo


Lucan in the Relegation playoff for the 3rd year running.


Looks like margarets v judes
Counsel v man o war/swords/newcastle
Possibly 30th sept or 7 oct


Judes in championship the weekend of the 30th.

I assume when teams are level on points it goes to head to head for determining home advantage?


Head to head yeah. So if Jude’s win on Tirs they get 3rd spot (home to margarets)

Are MOW gone now? I don’t think a play off spot is possible now


Yeh their gone now.


Are Jude’s playing Plunketts this evening its on dublin GAA for abbottstown at 8pm


Judes should beat Plunketts.

So Judes v Mags
Counsel v Finians S/N (depending on result of MOW V Finians N. If Newcastle fail to win, Swords advance).