Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


I see Cuala beat Judes last night.


with the quinns you’d imagine counsel will win


I wouldn’t be so sure.The two Quinn’s are exceptional but trinity have a few young lads who are flyers especially jack Rowe who was on the Dublin minor panel last year!going to be a savage game anyway


Trinity still have a fair few dads army vintage too do they not ?


Lucky to beat Thomas Davis last week imo.


I think Counsel will make short work of them myself. I fancy trinity to still go up though through the play offs.


Would back Counsel as well. The Quinns are quality. The Crumlin lads Lee Steacy and Shane Ryan are a big additions too.


Counsel will beat them handy enough I’d imagine


23 Aug@19:00

Finians S v Man O War
St Monicas v Lucan Sarsfields (20:30)

24 Aug@ 19:30

St Judes v St Oliver Plunketts

26 Aug @ 18:30
Kilmacud Crokes v Cuala
Trinity Gaels V Good Counsel
Man O War v Thomas Davis
St Brigids v Clanna Gael
St Finians N v Castleknock
St Margarets v St Finians S


St Monica’s v Lucan is at 8.30pm, according to


Judes plunketts is tonight


how come plunketts are playing tonight then friday in the championship final


It’s Judes v Brigids


Judes v Brigids is off due to a death in Brigids


Finians S won by about 10 points against Man O’War. Not sure of the final score.


1.13 to 6


1st v 2nd and 3rd v 4th this Saturday should be interesting


what’s was every 1 saying



Not win with a bit of grace , no ?


Congrats to Trinity Gaels