Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


Cuala beat TD 1-13 to 2-5. It’s been entered wrong way round on Hill16.


Any result from the kilmacud game?


Crokes won by 3


TD beat crokes 14 to 11


Judes beat Monica’s.


Finians beat Brigids. Think it was 12 in the end


Trinity won by 6


Top 6 teams won so no change at the top.


Trinity won by 1.


Castleknock 2-12 St Brigids 1-12


Finians Newcastle beat finians swords


That’s not what I heard!


Ref had it as a draw but both teams had it as a finians Newcastle win and the swords chairman even told the ref it was a Newcastle win so a match report has been put in


The Swords Chairman said no such thing. Check your sources there…


Only saying what I was told?maybe the swords manager ?


It’s down for a two point win for Newcastle on hill 16 so I must be correct anyway


TD v trinity good game of football TD got a player sent off in the first 15mins lead up until the last 2 mins of the game gave away to many frees along with the red cost them the win


If he did,I wouldn’t have him as chairman​:joy::joy::joy:


Good Counsel 3-17 - 1-9 Crokes
Thomas Davis 1-11 - 0-15 Trinity
Clanna Gael 0-06– 1-19 MOW
Castleknock 2-12 - 1-12 St Brigids
Finians S 3-8 - 1-16 Finians N
Lucan 1-9 - 4-14 St Margarets
Plunketts 0-6 - 3-13 St Monicas
St Judes v Cuala is on Tuesday


Big game next between Trinity Gaels v Counsel. Winner will take league title.