Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


Lucan beat Davis by 7 yesterday.


TD 2-11 St Jude’s 0-14 played this evening in Kiltipper.


Trinity 1-15 KC 2-5


Apart from the top 3-4 teams this league is anyone’s guess. There have been some tight games all round and I wonder will points difference become an issue by seasons end.
Any top of the table clashes coming up?


Long haul for Monica’s at the opposite end… :frowning:


T Davis beat swords 2-9 to 11


Trinity beat St Margarets 15-11


Counsel beat Lucan
CNG beat Castleknock
Crokes beat Monica’s
Jude’s v Brigids was off (champo)


Any scores from:

Cuala v plunketts off champo:slight_smile:
MOW v Finians N.


MOW game off due to Championship too


Hard to see TG slip up from here having beaten most of the other contenders.
Fair play to them for getting their house back in order.


Counsel might win it


Finians beat Counsel by 7


Knock beat Davis well


Hearing trinity have beat Monica’s,
Seen them play now and fully convinced it’s there’s to lose ,got a lot of lads back playing I’ve heard, nothing like last year ,some top quality forwards


Trinity beat mom’s by 5.


Is Evan Whelan the Dublin u21 sub goalie togging with Trinity?


Finians well deserved the win. Poorest we’ve played this season.

Referee was very good IMO.

Lovely pitch out in Ridgewood


Ye but was not playing 2 night dean kelly was off after 5 mins. And missing about 5 starts. Big win.


Trinity 1-13 St O.P 1-9