Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


He didn’t play. Or even tog out. As requested earlier, please stop stirring up shite.


Counsel beat Judes to go up


Any score Rico?


1-14 to 1-11


Hard to know. Ref said by three to counsel but that definitely wasnt right. Judes had it Counsel by one which I think was right. Either way Counsel won it but would’ve led to war if Judes kicked the lost shot over.


Counsel had it 1-13 to 1_10 based on ref but it was 1-13 to 1-12 by my calculations.

Counsel won anyways


Good game of ball. The peno and blackcard was turning point in game for Counsel. Paul Maguire kicked some great scores for Judes. Counsel struggled against Judes blanket defence in first half but came into game more in second half with Shane Ryan, and 3 Quinns playing well. Danny Sutcliffe was midfield for Judes but didn’t really stand out. Great to see John O’Brien back playing. Kicked a nice point and kicked a ball short which led to the penalty.


Was Copeland suspended for the Maurs game?


No. He was away.

Congrats to Counsel today. Finished much the stronger.


Judes 4 up half time maguire kicked some nice scores 1st half. Counsel got first couple scores 2nd half judes looked ragged. Sutcliffe did nothing maguire was decent and der no. 7. For counsel quinns ok. der no. 11 and 7 and 3 were good thru game counsel deserved win overall and good luck nxt year. Judes have champo final


Bren Mc playing?


yeah played didnt have much impact. Bad day for judes 3 teams been beaten in big games


Went off after 15 minutes




I think so.


Just echoing what’s above. Very good 1st half for Jude’s. We looked in trouble at half time. We got 3 quick points in the 2nd half and kicked on. Jude’s couldn’t get out of their half in the 2nd period. Really proud of the squad. So proud of our lads re our performance in the 2nd half.


We’ll done counsel I know we’ll (finians Newcastle) be glad to see the back of ye! All joking aside bout time you guys went up! Best of luck in div 3! :+1:


Well done counsel great achievement and I’m sure yous will be more than OK in div 3


Maurs are a decent side and deserved to win the game. Not as if Judes are world beaters. Not a shock for Maurs but a disappointment for Judes.
Looking back at it now Judes lacked a plan B. Plan A was run run run and hopefully get it to a scoring forward. Some great running but appalling kicking of the ball on a good few occasions.


That was lost cause who posted that not me