Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017


Counsel be strong enough favs, sure theyve had plenty of challenge games


Don’t necessarily agree there…nothing beats competitive football especially championship football…i would have counsel as slight favs but only just


If Judes had the same team that played Counsel in inter champ they might shade it.


Defo won’t be the same team


Playoff final down for Sunday counsel must be odds on with Jude’s seniors playing at the same time


Counsel would be favorites anyway regardless of who else is playing. Anyway after 15 AFL1 games anyone who’s still eligible for AFL4 is an AFL4 player.


Maybe maybe not at least 2 who played for Jude’s in AFL 4 playoff semi came on for their seniors the evening before v Vinnie’s in champo semi so who knows


The lads in Jude’s know. Counsel will be strong favorites. The two sides games have clashed all year so Sunday is no different.

I applaud your research but it doesn’t tell the full story. The two lads that you’re referring to were a goalkeeper after the red card (third keeper used in the Senior champo this year), and a young lad who was sitting his leaving cert only a few months ago.


Jude’s are favourites in my book. Should have won the championship game by more when 2 sides met.


Sutcliffe playing?


Will Billy tog AFL 1 or 4??


He’s not eligible for AFL4 so probably a waste of his time if he does decide to tog. But you seem to know best.


Why did he play in the playoff semi if he’s not eligible


Why didn’t you object


Was at the game as a neutral didn’t know he was ineligible until 20m ago was just asking


He didn’t. Stop stirring shite and go to bed.


What position did the player you thought was Billy Sheehan play in…


Lads on here love going to the most random games as neutrals…


Maybe interested in the outcome he played corner forward if it wasn’t him its his twin


Are you a Lucan man ?