Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2019


Second teams can be very hard to gauge , I’d have had vinnies to lose and Bridget’s to give barrog a close game , Bridget’s decent outfit last year which has the head scratching at today’s result




St Patricks D -Good Counsel Liffey Gaels
Trinity Gaels - Ballyboden St Endas
Man O War - O Tooles
St Annes - Parnells
Naomh Barrog - Isles
Penegrines - Brigids
Ravens - Maggies
Mun - vinnies


Pats might be able to do something at home , otherwise I’d go with the rest , Bridget’s last year very strong in some games ,not so in others , then you see their first result hard to make a prediction when squad may have had a complete overhaul


Incorrect regarding Brigid’s, Same panel all year last year


If same panel makes first result look very peculiar


I think he was referring to last season?


I was :roll_eyes::joy:


Wasn’t having a go at Bridget’s thought Barrog were good last year but didn’t think they’d give Bridget’s the hidding they did so was wondering was squad the same , maybe s once off it happens


Pats d 4-11 to 7 up at ht…pats won well


Barrog 3:17 Isles 2:08


Ravens beat maggies.


Anne’s 2 16 Parnells 3.7


Bridget’s beat peregrines by I think two points , two well taken goals the difference



Barrog are flying, some mad results obviously weather had a bearing on some games


Any score from o tooles and mow? Poxy morning for games! Hate the morning games in general!


Barring score flattered them .Isles were on top first 15 mins and up by 3.Isle keeper made a mistake and barrog got a easy goal and got another to go in at half time 6 pints up.Isles had a man sent off and barrogs pulled away .Barrog a good team but well beatable.Most teams well capable of beating each other.


War won