Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2019


Sorry I asked now tough start :crazy_face:


Would fancy Barrogs based on last year . Good club and would be great to see them give afl2 a lash again.


Tough for likes of Donabate and trinity to have such a huge gap from afl3 to afl9. Massive leap, almost different sports, for anyone to come up if afl3 need bodies due to holidays, injuries etc.


Thats a fact.


Few of us in that boat


Barrog seem to be doing great work underage


Id fancy Isles to make the playoffs. Very young squad with the right mix of experience thrown in. Only about 3\4 lads who play hurling too so that is a big bonus. Might be a forward or two short of having a chance at winning it.


Would be like to see the likes of isles and barrog getting up to div 2 .


Anne’s are due to play in the Paudi O’Sè tournament on the first weekend . Will game be moved ?


Only way it will be moved is if both clubs agree.


some game to open
O Tooles V Trinity Gaels


Former Brigids champo winner manager Mark Byrne is managing them. He will get the best out of what they have! What they have player wise , ,I’m not sure.


I think Gerry McEntee had a lot to do with that Brigid’s Championship win


Yes, it was the two of them.


Which team is he doing now?


Best you can say about O’Tooles is that they have a class manager, I hope the club reliese this and let him manage… What they have coming through is fairly poor , not the players fault !! Time will tell…


He was also Brigid’s manager last year, well for half the year, walked away after a championship defeat… sour taste left behind to say the least!!


Strange they cud beat Lusk so easy in the inter champ last year so .


Don’t know the ins and outs of last year but I know he’s a very good manager that was very successful with brigids . Wouldn’t be surprised to see o tooles going well . What’s the connection . Found it strange he went to them in div 3 ?? That’s why I asked when a fella told me


His son plays under age with them and he has been helping out with them for a few years. So not a big surprise.