Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2019


Gonna be plenty of trips to the North side this year :grinning:


I don’t see O’Tooles finishing in the top 2 but can push for the playoffs. Annes will be hard to beat at home as always and I think they might sneak 2nd


You think Vincents will finish rock bottom?


Not exactly rock bottom but I think the teams I named from 12-16 will be down there.


Have isles got sorted with manager they could be dark horse a lot of good young lads coming through


They seem to be going well at underage. alright


Any info on O’Tooles?


No only what I was told new manager same as other 2 relegated teams


Just looking at the list of teams there. There is a big aul gap between teams 2nd or 3rd string teams. More notable with clubs first teams though

Below is a very rough list, soapologiesin advance for errors!

  1. Naomh Barrog Div 7
  2. O’Tooles Div 7
  3. St Annes Div 7
  4. St Pats D Div 9
  5. Fingal ravens Div 6
  6. Erins Isle Div 5
  7. Parnells Div 8
  8. Trinity Gaels Div 9
  9. Good Counsel Not confirmed re merger.
  10. St Peregrines Div 6
  11. St Brigids Div5
  12. St Margarets Div 7
  13. Ballymun Div 5
  14. Man O War Div 11s
  15. Ballyboden unsure
  16. St Vincent Div 7


Raven’s and Annes won 5 games each in Div 2 last year…clear favourites IMO.
Everyone else will be very very evenly matched. Comes down to luck of the fixtures and the odd injury or traveler (not that type) at key times.


Brigid’s Div 5


ballymun div5


Vins 7


Think Anne’s will be mid table. Struggling the last few years and not much coming through.


Division 3 is a tough league to get out of, very little between top and bottom teams on most days


Should be sorted this week as far as I know, majority of the team is under 23 got good experience last year, hopefully we can build on it this year


Is Vinny not involved this year?


How are Parnells going?


This league is the weakest it’s been in a while in my opinion


There you’s are now! :nerd_face: