Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


I believe the management team is no more ?

Any truth in it @penguins


One half of it. Vinny is still there


They are better off as I said months ago he’s a chancer.
Less than 60% attendance and still taking the corn :roll_eyes:


He’s the biggest spoofer I’ve ever met. Genuinely


Vinny ?


No, the other one. Although Vinny isn’t far off at times


Parnells bet counsel by two


Any one know why bars and barrog was off?


Ref called it off. Pitch dangerous uneven and rock hard.


Isles 1-14 - 3-8 Lusk, great game to be involved in towers got a late goal to go one up and we kicked a 45 last kick of the game to draw level, ref gave some weird decisions regarding the hand passes must have pulled both teams 7/8 times for a throw ball


jaysis hope he doesn’t get a trip to st marys or they will never get to play at home


Just like Dublin …


but don’t we get a sweetner of 25m a year to compensate … that gets every player a car and all meals delivered as well as 3 coaches for every club


No??? I’d be kickin’ up … wouldn’t be havin’ that …


Ref played for a draw in the end but in fairness it was probably the right result. Great game to watch.


I thought that only happens when the GAA can make money from a replay?


That’s the only time ive ever come across that in the summer,
Who would have thought during the snow that there’d be games called off due the pitch being too hard and dry!

As frustrating as it must have been for the players, fair play to the ref for making the call

Good Win for Pats vs Boden. 3-16 to 1-5. Heat was something else on Weds evening


Ballymun 3-15 Naomh Barrog 3-11. Good game!


St Pats 1-13 T.Gaels 1-10
Good win after a tough game,
First time playing on the new pitch too so was great to get the two points


RTL 1-16 Parnells 1-04