Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Hill 16 just shows the result that was text in by the home teams mentor/secretary. The actual result is what is in the referees report,nothing else matters.


Would seem strange in this instance that GC would have submitted this result…


True, but as far as I know it’s only the home team that gets the message to submit the result. Can’t imagine a referee submitted it if he blew the game up early, unless the teams involved wanted to submit a result and hope the ‘early finish’ wouldn’t become an issue…


A game should not be abandoned with a couple of mins left unless all hell has broken loose. Dont see what is so controversial about that


Trinity beat barrog 4-14 to 2-12


Any spice in the local derby?


Pat’s v Parnells draw


Lusk bet Ballymun by a lot


Nothing that you would not see in any other.


I was talking to a Gael in PP on Sunday and he was looking forward to it. I’d say he’s having a pint now!


I think the term is “a shit load”!


They got a bit of a run on them in the 2nd half ok. Howley was brilliant. Got 2 amazing goals.


Brigids beat Good Counsel by a point. Brigids got a goal from a penalty (Clever play from Barry Cahill to ensure he ended up inside the box after he was fouled.) with last kick of the game. Good game.


No clever play needed, was 3 or 4 yards inside the box when on the receiving end of a cynical challenge. Counsels treatment of the ref after the game left a lot to be desired and was unfortunate to see after a good competitive game.


If either team brought their shooting boots they could have won by a comfortable margin, so many chances missed on both sides, neither team did enough to win so draw was a fair result,

Good comeback by Pats all the same, 6 down at the break


wasnt the same counsel line involved in a incident in a recent game also


To be fair to GC and there line any team would be sickened losing with the last kick of the game, time added on because of a head injury was justified, and peno was nailed on…


I agree Counsel player should have been black carded as definitely a clear pull down but suppose ref felt it was pointless giving it as was going to blow it after penalty was taken.


Lusk beat Brigids by 5 in Lusk this evening.


Crokes 2.8 Pats 12 points