Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Yes he did look tall and skinny dont know his name


Originally a Vins man, now Clontarf I think…


Shame about way it ended was enjoyable game


Heard it was an over reaction by Round Towers players to a hard / border line tackle that didn’t result in a red card near the end of the game…


Fair play Mick!


Parnells bet marks by about 5


Brigid’s beat Garda by around 4


Game was abandoned due to encroachment onto the pitch by supporters and mentors on one sideline.


Should be real last resort stuff to abandon a game with such little time left. Mad stuff


St Pats 3-15 Isles 1-8


Towers were a few points up. Four minutes left. Their support crosses the line (literally and metaphorically) and the ref just walked towards his car. I’m sure Towers would have preferred to see the game out. Lets hope justice is done.


Garda 1-10 Brigids 2-12


Towers a “few” points up. A “few” minutes left. :roll_eyes:

All down to the refs report. The game will probably be declared null and void.

What was your support doing on ththe pitch anyway?!


What in the name of jaysus are you talking about?


Is normal service in these scenarios that neither teams get points ? Would be very hard for either side to land the blame or majority of the blame on one another ? Refs report usually bible in these circumstances I imagine


Can video evidence be used in these cases?


Only if you have received approval to record the game as per rule 72 of the CCC regulations.


Result posted on hill16


GC can object to it


The results posted on that site count for nothing