Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Why ?, Are refs not to be judged on their performance now. Poor of you to make two wrong assumptions while deleting someone else’s post. Your displaying the characteristics of someone on a power trip and that’s not an assumption.


Naming a referee and slating him on a public site is fair do you think ? What good will come of it? Instead of publicly naming him would it not be easier just to say the referee didn’t have a good game and leave it at that.
If people have problems with referees this isn’t the place to slate and complain go through the proper channels.
No power trip here thanks as I’ve other important things to be at but thanks for the concern and keep up your good work you’re playing a blinder :wink:


My comment was in relation to the assumptions you made when deleting a post, I never commented rightly or wrongly on naming a ref. Big of you to apologise when in the wrong and not feel the need to lower yourself to insulting snide remarks.


He named and slated a referee and I deleted it? What’s the problem ?

I liked his post which was my way of putting my hands up on the result of the game.


I actually think people should be aloud comment on referees performance more, this site has always shut down any negativity around refs and there are some really incompetent ones IMO.

Having said that I believe this time it was too far. Naming a ref and calling him a disgrace is a bit much. Imagine a Dublin player in either code being called a disgrace for having a bad game? . By all means a refs performance should be aloud to be evaluated but without using terms like that.


Just to deal with the facts here. The appointed Ref cried off the game (one of many this weekend) and had to be replaced. The replacement in this case agreed to cover the game at short notice, the alternative was that the teams would have attended a venue and left again because neither would have been prepared to play without an official Referee.

That would have given you another reason to moan.

One of the reasons Referees are in short supply is because of the abuse they are subjected to by people like you who probably never read or studied a rule book and who’s knowledge of the rules of the game is likely to be little more than zero.
The Referee you mentioned - no matter how good or band he was or is - was brave enough to go on to a pitch on his own surrounded by probably 50 plus partisan players and mentors all of whom automatically think the Ref is against their team and him knowing he was going to be the subject of abuse no matter what he did.
You on the other hand are brave enough to make a cowardly attack on an Internet forum. Until you are prepared to get between two teams on a pitch with a whistle in your mouth I would suggest that you are not in a position to post an abusive comment.


Huh, am I to think your greater knowledge of the rules of the game gives you a free pass to slate a ref or enlighten me to the hypocracy in your post.
Your well aware @west1 knowledge of the rules stretches above zero.
I agree with constructive criticism and commend the lads that take on ref duties I have enough respect for them to understand that they accept par for the course is that their decision making ability will be judged in many ways rightly or wrongly.


I’m don’t know how you can make out that me stating the the Ref cried off with me being critical. Refs have to cry off for all sorts of good reasons, work, family, injury etc. It happens and they have to be replaced sometimes at very short notice.


They’re getting paid €40 an hour. They should at least know all the rules of the game regardless of the division.


Was it not 5 points in the end ?

Thought Pats were a good bit more ahead than 2 points. 3-16 to 2-14 I had it.

No real issue with the refs performance at all ?

About 7 mins additional time played, which was a lot given there were no injuries of note in the game, that would be the only complaint on Pats end, and from Counsels point of view, there was frustration with the effort cleared off the line at the end, which wasn’t over the line in any case.

Bar that it was a decent refs performance


The ref told me it was 3-14 to 3-16.

Doesn’t matter anyway.


Barrog 3:14 Ballyboden 1:08


What happened in the good counsel vs lusk match? I believe it was abandoned


Barrs 3-20 trinity gaels 2-12. I can also confirm no slefies were taken in the dressing room afterwards


Mun beat Syls by 1 point tonight.


Was it a melee or a schamozzle or just handbags?


Wasn’t there an attempt by the GAA to lay down the rule about what constituted a melee and a Schmozzle?


Was at this game wasnt a dirty match ref let few frees go during game for both teams. Counsel very good for 40mins then lusk got purple patch and clawed way in front. As regards schamozzle not alot happened was close to it no digs thrown not many lads ran in seen lot worse ref walked off was about 5 mins left plus injury time lusk were 2/3 up but felt game stil could have went either way. Wat happens now i wonder


Wasn’t there but what I heard matches the above. No punches thrown, just a bit of handbags.


Was it the tall skinny referee that was down to referee it?