Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Any score from Finbarrs v Boden?


Brigid’s 12 Pats 11…


Ref in the Pats Brigids game left a lot to be desired. Two decisions given in favour of Brigids in particular were beyond belief, and both resulted in tap over frees in front of goal. Then a clear drag down of a Pats man on the D heading for goal and no free given, beyond comprehension. Ultimately ref blaming always leads to the cynical view that one side is ‘looking for excuses’ for not being good enough, but I felt last night was too significant not to acknowledge. Pats hit a lot of poor wides in the first half, down hill with the wind, which was also a significant reason for the loss. Brigids kicked some important scores when they needed to, albeit some of them referee assisted :sunglasses:


Funny when analysing the refs performance you forgot to mention your No.19 coming on and striking 2/3 players and staying on the field, along with your straight red for striking right in front of the ref…


No issue with the Red Card, Correct decision, hopefully its a lesson learned for a young player who I’ve never seen do that before, he took one in the ribs himself seconds before off no.17 in front of the ref, but hey, you win some you lose some. If there was any other striking, it should have received the appropriate decision also. I felt it more appropriate to focus on the things that actually impacted the scoreline, I don’t think the red card did actually, or any petulance at the end of the game whilst behind on the scoreboard, just my opinion. Whilst not condoning anything, I would say any frustration at the end of the game was clearly fuelled by those 2/3 significant decisions that went against us, they were very questionable and had a direct impact on the result. Funny also how you totally ignored them in your response to my ‘ref analysis’ which some might say, suggests there is truth in my frustration.
Anyway a good result for Brigids and bad one for Pats.
To be fair some very good scores taken by Brigids, particularly by no.11, cant take that away from them, and good to see Barry Cahill togging and still looking in very good shape. Yous will be no pushovers at home this year


Going by my own experience of the standard of refs in Dublin, especially outside the top tier, I would have thought that if you only had 2/3 decisions go against you you’re doing well!


Granted couple of decisions may have gone against Pats but thought they balenced themselves out, few handy ones given both ends thought the ref was consistent, Pats lucky to finish the game with 14 imo with what went on, Pats line does not help with the constant abuse thrown at the ref, both teams poor on the night, Pats seemed to be missing a few so would imagine they will pick up points and be in the shake up.


Lusk beat Mark’s in Lusk this evening.


Boden 0-10 Trinity Gaels 2-11


Brigids bet Peregrines by 9


Barrog 1:10 Isles 0:08


Barr’s bet parnells




That’s wrong. Barrs scored 6 goals. Won well


Looks like a serious dose of fat finger so


2-9 to 6-6 it should be


Pat’s beat Good Council



Yeah. 2 points in it at the end and pats deserved it. They had a really good spell at the end of the first half (against the wind) which made a huge difference.

Thought the ref was good despite the moaning from the Pats sideline.


Don’t see the reason for the name check… you could have simply left it at ref, if others want more info they simply pm or investigate further themselves. Wasn’t at the game but if anyone (players or ref included) has a bad day, do they deserve to be called out like this, Have you given consideration to any other factors ?


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Very unfair to be calling out referees on their performances and somehow I doubt he was the reason you got beaten.