Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Are there many dual players on the barrs team.Great to see both football and hurling in division 2 for now hopefully both pushing for division 1


There would be a lot of dual players yea, not sure the exact number but you could count on one hand the lads that don’t play both codes from the two panels. It’s not really the culture in our club to have lads just play one as it’s not a luxury we have numberswise. There’s certainly an argument it’s held us back in one code or another over the years but such is life. I’d imagine clubs of a similar size to us are in the same boat


I think the only way it works is if the management teams work together,if not it can ruin both teams


Yea very true. Both managers are always from in house so that understanding is usually already there. We’d be known as a hurling club predominantly but there’s a large football population there that would run riot if they thought the football was playing second fiddle :joy:


Great to see barrs up into d2 next year , I hope they give it a good rattle and it will really stand to them come champo time considiring how competitive the division will be next year