Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


In fairness you did.
What do you think about next year?


Lusk looking for a new manager i heard this morning


Wheres he gone now?


Just heard he stepped down.he doesn’t last long with clubs. Done very well with lusk


Might have something to do with the players from the 21’s team ranting on FB because players from the first team where not allowed play in the 21 championship on Saturday…


Who is he?
Where has he been previously?

Hard to top this year in fairness, but at the same time, they are young and may not have even reached their potential…


Think he was with penguines, Anne’s and castkeknock


Declan Patton


Personally I’d like to thank Declan for the magnificent job he did this year in Lusk. In fairness he put in a huge effort. Couldn’t have done or won anymore. Wherever he goes they’ll be lucky to have him.


Cup, league promotion and championship in one year is a great achievement, playing nice football with young players.


What actually happened why did he go or was it planned


The man has a very big job and his demands there have increased.


Is the playoff final this weekend? Finbars v Barrog?

Who is favourites here? Should be a right good game.


Seen the two play in the league when Barrog needed to get the two points to try get automatic promotion. Barrog played all the football in first half and had around 7pt lead. 2nd half was scrappy and suited Finbars, Barrogs no.10 who was influential was booked and management feared another yellow would follow so took him off early in 2nd half. They collapsed after that.
However based on their first half think Barrog are stronger. Should be a great game and best of luck to both sides.


Is the good counsel and Lusk game going ahead


Yes. Tomorrow at 11


Barrs bet barrog by 7 AET in promotion p/o today. Well done to them definitely deserve to go up, out all the teams I’ve watched in div 3 this year they’ve played the best football.


Jaysus. Its been a nightmare month for Barrog.
RTL beat Good Counsel by 2 points


Good game counsel went 4 nil up then missed goal chance lusk fella den lobbed into goal wen goin for point to get them going. Lusk pt up at half time. More of same in 2nd half. Counsel last game 6 wks ago considering no training they done well. Not sure wat score was few goals for both. Hope lusk hold their own in div 2


Barr’s started slow and Barrog were well on top in the first half. We got back into it and got the all important goal in the closing stages to level it up and take it to extra time. Both teams had some great passages of play and the tight pitch meant it was a good physical game of ball. There is little or nothing between these sides nor has their been over the past few years. I’ve no doubt barrog will be in the mix again for the league next year.

It’s huge for us in terms of going up, it’s a very young side for the most part and afl2 will be a huge challenge that we look forward to next year. If nothing else it will stand to us in terms of having a rattle again at inter champo. It’s been a long year for both teams and I hope when the dust settles both can enjoy a well earned break.