Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


In fairness Lusk wouldn’t have many dual players. A lot of Lusk hurling team are country lads that don’t play for first team.


wonder if anyone would go for peregrines job now? crazy that season still going on some teams be going back or meeting up mid December


Lusk lost their hurling semi final last weekend, so the AFL3 game against Barrog is now fixed for Nov 18th in Lusk. Barrs play Barrog this Sunday (as Lusk are playing in Leinster).


Barrs bt Barrog by 1pt so Lusk promoted automatically. Congrats to them well deserved. Barrog were in control first half and led by 6. it was a lucky goal near the end that put Barrs 2 up. Barrog got one back and missed free with last kick of the game.


Is that Barrs and Barrog in the playoff now?


Lusk still have to play Counsel and Barrog. Not promoted yet.


Sorry. Table must be wrong. So the Barrs have an outside chance of automatic promotion or if not have home advantage for playoff v Barrog.


Well they are cant be caught in 2nd place so therefore are promoted. Barrs at home to barrog in playoff cause of better head to head by winning today


No he is right Redman as Lusk are only on 22 points as have 2 to play, table is wrong.


They have an extra 2 points on Dublin gaa but they shouldn’t because the match against counsel wasn’t played so they’re not up yet


The game wasn’t finished and is to be replayed but Lusk have the points for now on that table. It’s in their own hands now


Ok my mistake didn’t know about counsel game but if they beat barrog next week wont need to play it will they


Correct. They need one from two


Any result from Garda V Boden


Ballyboden won by 5 points


Table updated now, showing Lusk 1 point behind Barrs, but with 2 games left. Tomorrow morning at home to Barrog and the following Sunday away to Counsel.
1 win from 2 will put Lusk up into the heady heights of Div 2 for the first time ever. Best of luck lads!


Towers beat Barrog, 4-07 to 0-07 is what I’m hearing (from my apartment in Japan!).
Anyway, score doesn’t matter, Division 2 here we come!
Hard luck Barrog, best of luck in the playoff.


History for Lusk. 112 years from Tomas Ashe to Cormac Howley. Senior at last. Congratulations to everyone involved


That Is some achievement by Lusk, winning certainly is a habit , should go very well in both league and championship next year .


I said Lusk at the start would have a good season with the current management and I was slated…inter champions and div 2 football…he’s not a likeable fella but he gets results