Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Is that confirmed? Still TBC as per Hill16 website


I heard it was off, Lusk are supposed to be playing Junior hurling championship semi final on Sunday


barrs barog down for the 11th but no mention of lusk barog being played this weekend


Correct…very important game…:roll_eyes:…more w/o’s than results in that comp!


I was going by the below from the DCB email but makes sense its called off if Lusk have a hurling game. Same rules for every club no matter the standard of competition. If there is a crossover of footballers on the hurling panel , they can’t be expected to play both games.

Adult Football League Division Three Lusk 11:00 Round Towers Lusk v Naomh Barrog


So just give a walkover in the hurling and play the football then or whats your point?


Could have fixed the Finbarrs V Barrog game either,


How many walkovers have Lusk given in that competition?


Lusk v Barrog is put back to a later date.


We’ve been down this road before…

Say Lusk (to form) win their Junior F Hurling Semi, they play Leinster on the 10th, Hurling final the following w/e?, Leinster again the w/e after that…and so on.

Last league game will be in Dec…meanwhile Bars will have to sit and wait also to see who they will play (and where) in the p/off. That will be mid Dec at the earliest by the looks of it…All because of Pope Francis…a mockery, the whole situation.


Pope Francis- would ye give over now.


Would you be complaining if Barrog were in Lusk’s position of playing in Leinster and playing a hurling semi final? And Lusk will win that Junior hurling championship too


Because of the Pope visiting… that was one weekend in 52 of the year. The elephant in the room with the fixture debacle is the fact that the All Ireland Final was run off 2 weeks earlier than any prior year, and the Dublin Championships are finishing at the same time as every other year, the bank holiday weekend in October; nothing has changed even though the AIF was played 2 weeks earlier! It’s inexcusable!

Also add in that the Dublin Hurlers are knocked out in June/July, and the club hurling championships are being played a week before the club football finals!

There is unavoidable fixture congestion, and there is unforgiveable fixture planning!


…and you wanted 4 teams in the playoffs :smiley:


It definitely wasn’t the Pope’s fault. He hung up his hurley last year.


This fixture was originally scheduled that w/e and was cancelled, unnecessarily IMO. So…yes, because of Pope Francis.

100% accurate


Barrs v Barrog fixed for the 11th


Yes, I complain about Barrog hurling regularly :shushing_face:

I am in no way complaining about Lusk playing in Leinster. I honsetly wish them well. Deserving Champs and they will be excellent reps for the county.

I am complaining about unnecessary delays in playing off back matches.

I am complaining about the fact that the Junior F hurling championship is still going on (SERIOUSLY!!! :crazy_face::crazy_face:). What could possibly have held this up??? Not even the Final yet…JOKE


I think Vin is saying that, if the fixture people actually looked, they would have seen that Luck couldn’t play both games and that Barrog Barrs could have been played this w/e…doesn’t really make any diff as RTL aren’t free next w/e either.


Yea i know what you mean.

Crazy to think this could spill into December. Absolute joke for the players involved.