Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Perhaps a waste in some clubs, but definitely some knocking around that look to take it seriously, generally first weekend a few walkovers from the teams less interested, after that though the games tend to be taken seriously enough, just depends on where you’re looking at it from


Surely the recent success of Dublin u21s has helped given what some of the u21s have subsequently progressed to


Any result from brigids finbarrs was it played?


Finbars won 0-17 to 1-12


Anyone on twitter follow vinnie Murphy safe to say peregrines need new manager! He just confirmed it



It’s very funny stuff. Lots of stuff going around about there what’s app group as well. Might struggle to get a new job of the back of this one.

Any one screen shot the Twitter post as it is gone


You wouldn’t believe the stuff that went on with him in that whatsapp


Considering all the warning Peregrines were given start of the year about the two guys they brought in is it any wonder ! Regardless of opinions of chairman attempting to drag the club down on twitter is hardly a good move on his behalf looks far worse on him than the chairman


Unless there was another one - it’s not gone…


Not a smart move…bye bye gravy train


That whatsapp is comical


Would anyone have photos of the whatsapp , sorry to sound nosy but I’m sure everyone would like to see them hahahaha


Have it but best not to post, I’d assume moderators would be of same view, as it name checks several players in far from complimentary light.


Very sad state of affairs this is for all concerned , Vinny will find it hard to get employment as a coach again with public statements like that .


Seen the txt very childish behaviour from vinnie hopefully this is last we hear from him


Dose not look like it


The text is everywhere in fairness. A generation clash if ever I saw one. Looks like it’s best for both parties they go there separate ways


There’s screenshots of this thread doing the rounds on Twitter also if people haven’t seen them. Including one from yourself Rebus.


Lusk v Barrog this weekend in the league in a rematch of the Inter final. Should be another good game. Lusk have the momentum and are home so should be favourites again.