Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Counsel hammered Peregrines


The ref took pity on Peregrines. Should’ve been a bigger hiding IMO.


Counsel 6-16 penguins 4-10 couple late goals put more respect on scoreline for penguins. Counsel 12 up at half time by far better team all game bar last 8 mins. Alex quinn played well as did no. 10, 9,3 and 7. Lowndes looked like didn’t want to be there. Vinny really is robbing a living penguins no gameplan


Agree on Lowndes. Alex Quinn is quality. Great understanding with twin brother Ben who delivered quality ball into FF line. Shane Ryan had a great game in the middle. Ger Ryder was very good. He was wing forward. Peregrines teams struggling at adult level this season. They could be in trouble if Boden field a strong side for relegation playoff.


Could be garda in playoff if they failed to beat marks. Counsel play some nice ball alright


Garda and Marks drew according to Twitter.


So that’s Garda v Boden in the playoff?


Any score in the crokes Boden match?


Crokes won about 3-13 to 8


That secures the league for Crokes then, well done!


Any word on Barrs and Brigids fixture, given that they are both free to play now?

Would make sense to fix it sooner rather than later. With it in Russell Pk, under lights, they really should look to play it. It’s a straight up playoff game effectively, win and you’re in! Could be a cracker.


Do lusk still have to play counsel?


Id imagine it will be next week. Weve hurling playoffs this weekend so could see this game been fixed the following weekend.


Saturday 27th at 4:30 by the looks of it.

Best of luck to both teams! Win, or its turkey time…proper business end of things now!


Going ahead on Sat, county board won’t refix Brigid’s have u-21 hurling same time and clashing with wedding in club, Barrs refused to rearrange


DCB only move fixtures for weddings if your Conall Keaney! How did you not know that?!


Whatever about the wedding, clashing this game with u21 championship is poor form.


They only move for first weddings. Not second or subsequent.


Happens every year. 21s is a waste. There will probably be a lot of walkovers this weekend


Vinnie to go