Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


To be honest, I think it’s a good shout. Traffic will probably be heavier than normal at weekends. I’d imagine lots of public sector workers such as An Garda, hospital staff, transport workers, etc are either working or on call.


Why call off games on the Sat though? Fair enough.


mass in Croke Park? probably similar restrictions around there as the phoenix park and probably Dublin in general will be a disaster to get around this weekend


Should have foreseen this and fixed this round of games for midweek this week


Dublin is going to grind to a standstill next weekend, 500,000 people on the move at once will basically stop traffic everywhere, would be madness to try and fix a round of games.


It will be worse next year when the Ayatollah visits, inshallah.


The traffic disruption was foreseen with the result that this round of fixtures was postponed weeks ago. Midweek is not an option at this time of year because of the shorter evenings. Football in the dark is dangerous.


Lots of games fixed for this week with 7.15 starts


"A Chara,

The CCC are still receiving notifications of agreed rescheduled fixtures for mid-week evenings with starting times of 7-15pm or 7-30pm. Clubs should be aware that due to the shortening evenings (and poorer weather) the CCC cannot approve any mid week fixtures starting any later than 7pm this week, and 6-45pm next week, unless the game is to be played under floodlights.

Clubs seeking to re-schedule matches for next weekend (August 25th / 26th) should also take into consideration the many road closures that are to apply around Dublin arising from the Papal visit. They should be aware that players / referees living within the security cordon may not be able to make their way to a match venue.

Is Mise le Meas,

Seán MacNiocláis.

Rúnaí CCC."


Brigids beat Sylvesters last night.


Didn’t realise that Brigids last game was Finbarrs,
which makes it even more interesting for the remaining promotion/playoff spots (KC are already promoted automatically)

Fixtures remaining between top 5 all against each other (caveat RTL v GC…??):
Brigids v Barrs
RTL v Barrog
Barrog v Barrs

Kilmacud Crokes 14 12 1 1 291 198 93 25
Round Towers Lusk 14 11 2 1 232 142 90 24
Naomh Barrog 13 10 1 2 251 177 74 21
St Brigids 14 9 2 3 224 200 24 20
Naomh Fionnbarra 13 8 3 2 290 218 72 19


How are brigids doing so well? thought with seniors struggling and their 2nd team never really being too hot the past few years that theyd be more mid table/lower half than promotion contenders


Did kc and towers play each other yet?


Yes, Crokes won by 4


Dam. would have made a tasty last game would have made the pilgrimage out!


Clueless this fella :roll_eyes:


Parnells beat trinity gaels on Wednesday evening.


Good to see a bit of sense between the two teams in arranging and getting this fixture out of the way!

Especially Parnells not messing around waiting for Stephen for what was essentially a dead rubber!


Any dates for final games yet?


Nothing definite, but should be next weekend (13th/14th Oct).