Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Cheers Rochey, that’s serious scoring!


I expect there to be hold up re Peregrines remaining fixtures. Lowndes will be required I’m sure. That’ll push things out (providing Dublin win their all ireland semi).


Is it bottom two down and next two play-off?

What will happen if Boden and Marks finish level (as they are currently). Boden have H2H, but have given a w/o this year…?


Yeah. Bottom 2 down and 3rd last plays 4th last in p/o.

Dunno about the walkover thing. Id like to think Boden would be punished for giving a walkover and forfeit the H2H.


I know they would drop to the bottom of a three way tie, but not sure in the H2H scenario…???


Is it the same at the top of the division? i.e. top 2 get promoted, and then a play off between 3rd and 4th for the final promotion spot? (Apologies if this has been asked before on another thread!)




I notice Parnells and Peregrines have invoked the last two games rule…

Not sure why Parnells would bother, as they cant go up or down at this point.


Was thinking that…

Who won the Fixture between Barrog and Finbarrs this season? Its not on


Not played, ref called it off as the pitch was unplayable.

The council (i assume) had dug these drainage lines in the pitch which had hardened in the dry weather. They were an inch or two wide and, in fairness to the ref, were dodgy enough.
Both teams there and warming up etc when the ref called it.


any date set for that game?


Not that I’m aware of


What’s the “last two games rule”?


Teams with county players don’t have to play their last two league games until their county lads are made available after Dublin’s involvement in the championship ends. It’s optional


Barrog beat counsel in good game. Counsel 2 up at half time then went 4 up in 2nd half. Barrog got two goals in 2 mins then one fortunate which turned game in their favour. Was 1 point in it for while until barrog knocked couple over. Counsel playin well last 5/6 games looking at results. Barrog still in hunt for playoffs


Was a great game, real ebb and flow to it. GC have real quality going fwd.

Barrog very much in the hunt for automatic promotion btw.


Thought the game was reffed extremely well. Never seen him before.


Yeah ref was good played advantage well. Pereguines v counsel lst game will decide whos in playoff with ballyboden by looks of it. Also barrog v lusk last day two massive games either end


Pats 2-22 Marks 1-5

Any news on the dates for the re-fixed game ( Pope Visit )

Find it absolutely stupid that they’d be called off because of it


Lusk drew with Finbarrs