Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Yes 3rd place will have home advantage.

No sure about the hurling. As far as I can remember they are still the same as last year but can’t be 100% sure.


No hurling is different

Top team promoted with 2nd v 3rd in a playoff final with winner going up.

Relegation is the same with bottom team down with 2nd and 3rd last playjng off with loser relegated.


Lusk v counsel to be replayed as far as I know




Counsel beat Sylvester’s


Barrog 2:15 St Pats 1:05


Lusk beat Trinity Gaels well. 6-12 to 0-08 I think.


I doubt we’ll be getting a dressing room snap


Not to nite that’s for sure.


Naomh Fionbarra 5-15 Garda 1-12.


Any idea when fixtures on 25th aug (popes visit)wil be played if not that day


Which team does the pope play for? Can they not just play without him if he’s on inter county duty that day??:sunglasses:


I think he’s throwing in the ball in the Vins game (Pope’s fav team)


And his pre-match pep talk will begin with the immortal words 'young people of Marino, I love you! (Especially Dermo!)


Lusk given a walkover by Sylvesters.


Pats bet Peregrines by 8


Counsel and Finbarrs drew.
Guards and Barrog drew.


Did Mun score 12-17 against St Mark’s tonight? That’s some score! @Rochey can you confirm?


Ohm wants to know who got the goals


So I believe. Am working nights so can’t confirm.