Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Correct. Had this discussion on the AFL1 thread a couple of days ago.


And again…points diff = TOTAL HORSESH*T for three or more team mini league.


Thanks all cleared it up :+1:t2:


Thanks for clearing that up… I was thinking the same.

It’s the exact same as the super 8 rules as I assumed


Syls looking pretty certain to go down after a long number of years playing div3. How does relegation playoffs work this year?


What’s going on in Pereguines? Really good team with really good players this century, senior championship, now struggling to stay in Div 3.


Does anybody know if a fixed amount of points difference is given to a team that is awarded a walkover? For example, Lusk were given a walkover by Boden last night. I can see the league table shows we have received the 2 points, but I don’t know if our points difference has increased or not. This may be important as the season draws to a conclusion, but if Crokes win all of their remaining games, they can’t be caught.


In the event of a 3 or more team tie overall score difference can’t be used if one team involved gave or received a walkover. It goes to a mini table amongst the teams involved in the games they played against each other. If a team involved in that mini table gave a walkover they automatically finish bottom


It used to be a 10 point win but I don’t know if that is implemented still


My understanding is that points diff is no longer an option once a team is involved in a w/o.


Also, points diff per the league table is meaningless…it’s only points diff in the games between the teams involved in the tiebreaker (3 or more teams)


So, for example, based on the current Div 3 table (which has now been updated to reflect the draw last night between Crokes and Brigids), if both Crokes and Lusk win their 4 remaining games, both will finish on 27 points. In that case, does points difference decide who wins the league, or is it based on the result of the game between Crokes and Lusk (which Crokes won by 4 points)? Crokes currently have a 3 points superior points difference.


If it’s just the 2 teams tied (Crokes and Lusk) then Crokes win as they beat Lusk regardless of score difference.


Yeah I think you are right, they changed it a few years back


Thanks for all of the replies. We’ll just have to hope that Crokes drop another point on the run in so! :slight_smile:


The system is so fooked…check out this made up (but likely) scenario from my post on the ALF1 thread

In this example, Boden would win the league…its incredibly stupid.


If they do should be a formality so… :hugs::hugs:


Was there ever any ruling on the Counsel and Lusk game that was abandoned? Were Lusk awarded the points?


They have a very tough run-in too.


While we are on about placings and scenarios etc. a couple of quick Q’s (that have defo been answered before, so sorry).

3rd place will get home adv in the playoff right?

Are the promotion scenario’s the same in the hurling in AHL1-4 (sorry about the thread crossover)