Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018


Counsel 4-11 Crokes 7-13


Barr’s 4-16 peregrines 13. Peregrines had a man sent off for a nasty off the ball incident. One of our young lads left in a bad way.


Hope he’s ok never nice to hear


Parnells bet Brigids by about 7


Crokes beat Lusk by 4.


Counsel beat Boden by 2.


Naomh Barrog 0-17 St Peregrines 1-9


Barr’s beat marks well… I think it was more than 15


Isles 2-11, Parnells 1-11


Barrog beat marks by 4


Counsel 3-13 Trinity 1-15


At that feeling of been champions always nice to look back on. I say it’s nice to look back at your runner up photos.


Counsel far the better team should had more goals missed 2 one v one chances. Good result for them. Super club like ballyboden couldnt get 15 lads to play gave walkover v lusk apparently


This time last year Boden gave a walkover in AFL1, AFL3 & AFL5 in consecutive weekends.


Did they. I know lads go away and work but a club that size with their numbers shouldn’t. Plenty of smaller clubs manage to fulfill fixtures


Surely could get 15 bodies for mid week game. Their AFL 5 and 8 teams played yesterday. If they were winning league no doubt would have 20 subs on the line.


Does this effect other teams in the league, will score difference still be used or will it go head to head?


I’m not too sure about that one but if it did go to head to head with marks they would win as they beat them by a goal… also their point differnce is around +23 on marks which could have been severely dented tonight so I can see what they are doing.

I hope the county board can see what they are doing and may impose stronger sanctions going forward for the fairness of the division


If Boden have beaten Marks score difference is irrelevant if finish on same points. Boden would stay up on head to head.


Not so in case of conceding a game in this league this season, think you finish bottom of any head to head or mini league.