Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


Ballymun beat Marks well yesterday


Even still. Sure fins won the league without flynn so couldn’t really say that that counts.


Does that mean naul are relegated?


I know. But donie is a good player and is central to to a lot of fins attacking play. Also the team is young and is improving the whole time.


Yeah they do have a lot of good young players. I expect them to do well in d2 should be up near the top end anyway


Ye i think boughal are hitting form at the right time only losing to an excellent Na fianna side recently…some of their playoff rivals have beaten them but I do think form counts going into playoffs and boughal are in form


The decision was made my the current management before the season started. They were 6 years in the job so it was decided a change would be needed.
Nothing to do with the Boughal game. As was said Boughal were just better on the night.
Big decision now for the club. They need to get this one right. If they do the future could be very good.


I’d have to congratulate the management team of lusk for the progress they’ve made over the last few years,2 back to promotions and a junior championship hopefully they push on to senior over the next few years


They have done a magnificent job in fairness. Were in bottom half of five for the first year and things could have gone totally pear shaped. All voluntary too.


Unfortunately yes.


Who is in the relegation playoff out of Ballyboden Ballymun and Vincents?


Boden v vins


Don’t know who will go down two poor teams this year. I also see they have parnells to play barrog in p/o this Sunday on Dublin gaa. I thought it was going to be finbarrs v barrog and parnells v boughal?


This makes no sense! Are they making it up as they go along now??


There after changing it. Now it’s parnells v boughal this Sunday. Don’t know when finbars play barrog.



That has changed since whoever whatsapp’ed you :blush:


Is that definite



Thanks for info