Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


All this means it will be finbarrs v barrog and parnells v boughal. Don’t know who I fancy it will all be very tight.


Assume ‘Barrs played a weakened team ?




Missing a good few but not a weakened team fielded by choice


Not a weakened side at all lads. Take your beating and good luck in the playoffs


Eh ? I’m not associated in any way with ‘Barrs just a surprising result given the league table :+1:


Not really. Towers were flying until they unexpectedly lost a couple of local derbies at the end of the season. Naul was a bad defeat and Boughal were just better on the night. Tonight Towers played well.


If that’s directed at me I’ve no problem with the loss. We were missing 5/6 lads, it was weakened by injury. We’re in the playoffs regardless


Don’t know if you could say boughal was unexpected both evenly matched sides…the naul defeat and the Boden when both teams Sat bottom of the table at them specific times definitely unexpected…Lusk definitely on the up though…


Hard to know how things are going to go for lusk. There management team has stepped down, they got them from division 5 to where they are now. Still have a lot of good young players coming through though.


Surprised to hear that tbh they’ve made great strides over the last 3/4 years and there minors won divison 2 and reached the quarter final of the A championship,maybe they felt they couldn’t bring them any further


A few lads went on beer before a big league game against ballyboughal.and management stepped down.


And I’m assuming lusk lost?silly mistake for a team going so well


Well beaten by ballyboughal.


Electric picnic was on.


I wonder who you’s lads think are favourites in playoffs? All teams very evenly matched


I’d agree with that…on any given day I think any team is capable of beating each other…


Yeah it will be tight. If I had to choose I reckon boughal will go up. There the only team that put it up to fins this year and from what I heard they should of beaten them.


Also gave Na fianna a real run in the championship too


Boughal should of beaten them. But fins didn’t have D Keane or flynner