Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


And he didn’t even play in goals for them!!! Sackable offense imo


Played half back in Championship in Garristown v Raheny a year ago this week!


While he was in dispute with the management ?


Seen him playing centre half back in championship for parnells this year


hopefully lusk have a full team and put it up to finbarrs Saturday


hopefully lusk have a full team and put it up to finbarrs Saturday


Couldn’t tell you. I’m just gonna stick to the basic facts


So am I .


Yes, even this year Cluxton, the best keeper in the country was playing centre back for his club. Imagine that


1st or 2nd team ?


1st team. Played there against Marks couple of weeks back


Fair play to a lad on the Dublin panel not thinking he is too big to play for the clubs second team. There are plenty of lads around the county on senior panels that won’t tog out for their second team in a crunch fixture.


Young lad is probably just glad to play a game.


Less of all this goalie talk lads,who do yeas wrecking is going to get promoted out of the playoffs?


Have to see who makes up the last spot first. Still up in the air between lusk or parnells


You know the answer, what’s the point in this question? He was playing outfield, thats all that matters


Not quite my good man . You know the point I was making kid :wink:


Has anyone come across the second Graham Cullen out in Skerries yet?


Parnells 2-19 Kilmacud Crokes 1-16. S Cluxton played No 6.


RTL 3.13. Finbars 1.09