Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


As far as I know he played 2nd half for senior team v brigids 2 weeks ago. No.2 keeper for Dublin makes you arguably the 2nd best keeper in the country. Very impressive lad both on and off pitch .


If Ballymun avoid defeat on Saturday ( v St Marks) Clann Mhuire are gone.


If eligible and crucial game for his club why wouldn’t he play? Be more disappointed if the lad thought he was to good.


It’s bizarre stuff in fairness . And it’s under the term fair comment . And it’s what everyone is thinking anyway !


How do you know what every one is thinking?

Why is it bizarre?

Do you seriously think that just because it’s your opinion that everyone must agree. That’s just arrogance and it oozes out of you regularly!

Of course he should play. He’s eligible and a great option for the manager, if you were managing you would do the same, if you didn’t it would be a ‘sackable offense’ as you so shit stirringly said earlier.

Trot on there Bart, that spoon must be worn out at this stage.


has he played much club football this year or not been allowed?


I can’t answer that honestly, I don’t think he’s played any club adult football up until the Brigids game 2 weeks ago. But can’t be certain


joke that he isn’t allowed play.


If he’s eligible, then what is the issue with him playing?


Was a serious game of ball, played with a real championship pace and edge.

Strangely, both teams probably did their best stuff into what was a fairly strong wind.

Evan’s kick-outs were superb and, as Rochey said, was only call upon once in the first half and spread himself well to save.

I see no way that team loses to Marks side with the proverbial one eye on the Xmas turkey, which is tough going for Clan Mhuire


Parnells v Crokes AFL 3 game now at 3.00pm Chanel


some really interesting permutations and combinations of tiebreakers here, depending on who ends up in the mix at the top. different teams topping different mixtures of three way (even four way) mini tables.

I take it Evan will not be playing for this team on Saturday.


so the playoffs is Finbarrs,ballyboughal,barrog and parnells


Not quite, if Parnell’s lose and RTL win or draw, RTL get in (travel to Bars).

Possible ties on 20 pts and resulting order;

  1. NB, BB, Par, RTL (out)
  2. Par, NB, BB
  3. BB, NB, RTL (Par out on 19)

A Parnels win (21 pts) will see them at home to BB. And make RTL game mute.
A defeat for Parnels, will give RTL the chance to overtake them with a draw or a win (same net result).
A draw for Parnels, would open up scenario 1&2 above, depending on RTL result.


Assuming it’s one down and next 2 play off?
If so it looks like Vins vs Boden in a play off if Mun beat Marks


Its fairly obvious why he is not playing with the first team, he is not available, so the manager sticks to the keeper that is available to him week in, week out. Would be very harsh to drop him for the big games at this stage. Anyone with half a brain can see this and understand it, so either 1, Bart is on a total wind up or 2, he has less than half a brain. I cant decide either way ‘kid’ :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


but not harsh to drop the 2nd team goalie :grinning:


Gents, let’s talk football here please :slight_smile:


Total wind up asking why cluxtons replacement doesn’t start for the first team :thinking:
Fair comment kid


Didn’t cluxton play for parnells second team a few years back?