Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


Clans have the head to head though . Best case they play Vincent’s in the relegation playoff


If (and it’s a big if!) Towers beat Finbarrs, and Parnells only get one point from their remaining 2 games, then both will finish on 20 points. Assuming that Barrog get something from their game against Ballymun, then it will come down to head to head between Towers and Parnells, with Towers going through by virtue of their league win against Parnells.


Would be a big ask for a team who have won 2/13 all year to win their last 2 but in fairness they seem to be improving of late and have been running strong teams very close. Will definitely beat Marks but Barrog will be trickier but could still see it happening


any idea when the playoffs will be??


There are still league games left.


bad loss for parnells on saturday they wont have it easy against crokes either with them still in the championship


If two teams are tied on points, does the team who gave a walkover automatically surrender any H2H advantage?




Only if the walkover was between the two teams. If not head to head comes into play.


Anyone have result for kickhams v barróg from this evening


Ballymun won by 1 point.


Thanks Rochey, Barróg were really up for it tonight, loss will mean they won’t have home advantage in playoff I think .


They sure were. Great pace to the game. Serious hits.


Say no more very disappointed to miss it, was Evan in nets


Yes, wasn’t really called on in fairness. What he had to do, he did well.


Very impressed with him during O Byrne cup and the 21s while I don’t want to ever see the back of cluxton think Evan is something really special and looking forward to seeing him get some game time in league and champo next year


Playing intermediate football while being the heir apparent to Cluxton is an extraordinary thing especially when you have a senior team …


Hmmm,didn’t another keeper (not heir apparent though) do the same for a couple of years??? :yum:


Hook your worm elsewhere


Why are you a moderator now :blush: