Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


Ballyboughal is a hard place to get a win in. Wouldn’t be surprised with a draw or boughal sneaking a win.


Ballyboughal winning by 7 or so at half time


Fins got a draw they won’t care but their forward dived to get a player sent off and obviously the 10 min half time pep talk from flynner to the ref obviously did the trick


Barrog 1:09 Towers 0:05


be interesting to see how towers react after the first lose in league football for a long time.


Yeah, I think it ended up as 32 league wins in a row (15 from 15 in Div 5 in 2015, 15 from 15 in Div 4 in 2016, plus first 2 league games in Div 3 this season). Fabulous achievement!
Plus 2 cups and a Junior A championship for good measure!


Lusk beat Marks by a goal in Lusk tonight, to get back to winning ways. 1-17 to 0-17 final score.


anyone know the result between barrog and boden


Barrog won 1-15 to 1-12. Its on the NB twitter machine


Another good win for Lusk tonight against Parnells, 2-08 to 0-06.


marks 4-18 boden 2-10


Boughal beat ballyboden.


Boden beat Lusk by a goal, 1-13 to 0-13.


Barrs beat boughal and marks beat vins , mun beat crokes according to Twitter


Towers beat Vins in Lusk this evening, 1-19 to 2-09.


Barrog 1-7 Peregrines 1-12


Fingallians have this league won by the looks of it they will beat lusk next week and that will be that more or less


would I be right in saying your a fingallians fan Rodney?


Fins are by far the strongest team in the league. They will win the league with a bit in hand. Crokes on their day are a very good side but 3 losses on the bounce shows where their priorities lie. 1.Fins then in no particular order, Parnells, Barrog, Lusk & Peregrines to make up the playoff spots.


fingallians are a good side just think there ahead of the rest of the teams.i also think ballyboughal will make the playoffs think barrog will fall away lost there last 3 games on the bounce(league and championship)