Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


boden beat vincents by four points in relegation playoff.


A crisis in Vincent’s


Been a great few years for Round Towers. They have done massive work at juvenile level over the last few years and it is starting to pay off. They will have benefited from the past season and will be all the better for it once they stay focused and dont lose many lads on J1s next summer. I hope the extra year in A.F.L 3 will improve them further. The village of Lusk has grown and Towers have adapted well and got well organised. And the building in Lusk is flying at the moment also so if they work it well their juvenile section will continue to grow in next few years.

Fair play to Ballyboughal also. They have also been doing great work along with Clan Mhuire over the last few years. There is a great tradition in Boughal going back to the 60s when Leo Hickey, the Barretts (6 or 7 of them), Rooneys etc were a feared outfit. Unlike Lusk they dont have a building boom but a few new families have moved in and got involved.
I have good memories of playing out there years ago. Not a great way to spend a Sunday morning in February or late October. Plenty of hard hits on that tight pitch.


Best of luck tomorrow boys in the Leinster quarter final, do yourselfs proud. C’mon the Boughal.


Best of luck to Ballyboughal.


Draw after extra time I believe


Replay next Saturday


With the Play Off Final v Barrog fixed for Sunday ?


Presume that the play off final will have to be put back. Championship game will take preference. Well done to boughal today. Would have to fancy them if the replay is in ballyboughal


Correct champo takes preference…fancy boughal to get through now doubt PP will be offering boughal at 9/4 now


There is only a day to go before the big match kicks off in the boughal,Hopefully the lads can send these Laois boys home with there tail between their legs


They playing Emo? We played them in a friendly during the year. A couple of good players through the middle. Centre forward full of pace and running and tries to get on the ball and pull the strings


There are good pacey side alright, especially down the middle,Hopefully our boys learned abit from weeks game


Good win by boughal yesterday, Dublin vs meath next week, Curragha come to the village next Saturday, we will have to step it up again from what I hear there very strong.


Yeah Curraha won Meath and Leinster junior just two years ago and are now senior. Serious progress.

Boughal were missing a couple through injury - will they be back? Will game defo be held there? Should be a huge crowd. Really enjoyed yesterday, really great buzz. Found meself roaring for the green and whites and looking forward to more next Saturday!


Curragha is more a local Derby for Ballyboughal than they would encounter against most Dublin clubs.


Don’t think the venue has been confirmed yet,hopefully it is in boughal it was a great day for the village,I’m sure there will be plenty of needle is this one aswel


Match confirmed for boughal pitch 2.00 Saturday, it wasn’t looking likely at the start of the week. Hopefully now we can make use of home advantage, in what promises to be a stellar encounter.


Hey @Whacker it’s not every year Boughal go all provincial so get into that auld provincial All Ireland thread …

Up the Boughal!


That’s true great to be playing for such honours at this time of year, fingers crossed all going well il join yous in it next week my friend.