Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2017


After Boughals big win against Finbars the other night I reckon they’ll just about have too much for Parnells.


The legs might be sore after the midweek game tho.


True actually, especially if the expected weather comes to the fore, the pitch could be heavy. But in fairness most teams have been playing 2 games a week all season with a shorter recovery that one i.e. Wed-Sat these games being Wed-Sun not a huge difference but lads should be well able for 2 games!


I wonder we’re finbars at full strength the other night,from what I hear boughal were


Would you not know? Being a member of the Boughal team and all that?


I wasn’t at the match but from wat I gather they were


So you are a member of Boughal, yes?


Of the club yes


You don’t play AFL 3 then? Sorry, I thought you did as you were always on this thread.


Boughal bet parnells by 2 points


The lads seemed to want it that bit more than Parnells, conditions weren’t great either.


Barrog beat us by a point this morning in the play off semi final. A goal with the last kick of the game to win it. A great game of ball from a spectators point of view, big crowd and atmosphere too. It was a sore way to lose but overall barrog were well worth their win and I wish them the very best in the final.


Some game of ball!!


Is it neutral venue for the final?. Fancy ballyboughal to win it


Think it’s in boughal since they finished ahead of them


That’s correct highest finishing team has home advantage for the final


Was relegation match played between Boden and vincents?


boden won according to twitter


Who do lads think will win the playoff final? I reckon boughal are favourites but then again not many teams go to the bogies and get a result like barrog did today.


Think form is on boughals side…very difficult to beat at home…however barrog will be buoyant after that game and boughal also have a Leinster game before the final…pushed I’d go for boughal but only just