Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2019


Agree with all apart from I think castleknock will beat clontarf and 50/50 for the boughal towers match.


Would tend to agree. Can’t see Clontarf winning that one.


Castleknock would be my favourites to win the league so I’d have to go with them


Can’t see anyone getting close to Castleknock this year personally, they may slip up at some point but wont be this one.

Crokes to beat scoil for me too


Ye castleknock should be a step ahead . The 3 county lads will be a loss but if they play any amount of games should win league imo


Castleknock beat Clontarf
Kilkenny played full game so wont be in the Hyde. p


Boughal well up the last I heard


Boughal won by 14 could of been more too


St marys 3-14
Pats 3-8


Syls 3-17 Whitehall 0-3.


Mearnog 0-11 Raheny 0-8


Olafs and Lusk drew, out in Sandyford.


Game of 2 halves.

1st Half ended 10-1 to Mearnog
2nd Half 8-1 to Raheny

Raheny looked like a team that hadn’t played a proper game yet, add on top of that horrible weather & it doesn’t make for great outcome for them. They really struggled to get into the game. Substitutions they made at HT sparked a bit life into them

Mearnog weren’t very impressive from what I saw (no Shane Carthy), solid 1st half but really should have pushed on and killed the game (9 point lead). Credit to Raheny for coming back into it but and might have been able to pull the comeback off if their players had kept their heads and weren’t constantly fight off the ball

Sean McCarthy was the referee and wasn’t impressed with him at all, there were 3 definite black cards and he gave one of them. Bottled a few calls for both teams, Raheny probably came off worse as they had a penalty shout denied midway through 2nd half. I had heard good things about Sean but he fell a lot in my estimations today.


That’s a good result for Towers


Yeah, very good result. Wasn’t at it myself, but I think it was level at half time too, 5 points each.


Very impressive start to the year from Lusk gaining 3 points from their first two senior league games. Castleknock and Syls the early front runners and only teams with 2 wins. It will probably be between them for the year to see who wins this league.


Na Fianna have won 2 as well


Apologies, I hadn’t see that result on Twitter.


Good win at home Sunday morning for the lads, home games are a must win in the league this year. Clondalkin never got going at all, they don’t look like the same team as last year.