Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2019


Bogies is a hard place to go and win, I fancy Finbars to pick up most of their points this season at home…but I think it will be a close one!


They will though saw Ballymun v Boden in first league game last year and Dublin lads looked they were middle of heavy training and didn’t stand out at all that day.


Noticed in Jim Gavin’s interview he mentioned club football this week when referencing how much game time lads have had , seems pointless to bring it up if he wasn’t going to let lads loose , I know county players played first game last year , so barring injury I’m expecting lads to line out this Sunday


Big day for Lusk on Sunday, with our first ever game in senior football, after 113 years of trying to get there!
Great to get a home game to start off with, but will be a tough game, especially if Costello is playing for Whitehall. Towers abú!


Might head down for a look. :+1:


Best of luck men


Raheny boughal off as per boughals insta


RTL 2-11. Whitehall 0-09. Costello didn’t play


Castleknock 5-12 Naomh Mearnog 2-6

Ciaran played.

Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019

Scoil 0-13 Clontarf 1-18
Castleknock 5-12 Mearnog 2-6
RTC 1-5 Na Fianna 0-12
St Sylvesters 4-06 Kilmacud 1-13
Naomh Fionnbarra 3-9 StMarys Saggart 1-10
St Pats P 0-8 Naomh Olaf 2-17
RTL 2-11 Whitehall 0-09.


When was the last time yous lost a league game at home?


I was probably playing myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Boughal last year I think


Very strong record at home over the last few years I’d say anyway. Never had the pleasure of winning in Lusk meself :grimacing:


Congratulations to Lusk winning their first ever senior game.

Where did Kilkenny play for castleknock? Did Jack Mc play for Clontarf?


Kilkenny played at 14.


In the first half but more 11 / 9 in the second.