Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2019


I think slys and castleknock will both come back up. Both should have enough quality . Maybe Clontarf if they keep lads from going in summer will be there abouts

  1. Castleknock
  2. Slys
  3. Round Towers Clondalkin
    5 . Clontarf

  1. Slys
  2. Castleknock
  3. RTL
  4. St Mary’s.



Olaf’s / Clontarf / towers ( clondalkin)
2 of 3 playoffs


Think round towers are missing a lot this year.


Watching Dublin game last night Tommy mc Daniels for Westmeath was very good . Didn’t realise he plays for castleknock . Did he join this year ? Him and Kilkenny up front will cause havoc in div 2 . Throw in o Carroll that means they have 3 county forwards . If they play enough league games they will win div 2 handy . Only my opinion :grimacing:


Tommy McDaniel joined Castleknock last year. None of them 3 will play a whole lot of league games due to intercounty commitments I presume.


U would think Westmeath and limerick won’t get that far could have them for 7 or 8 games . Was very impressed with mc Daniels great addition.


Be the start of June before they get them back, provided Limerick & Westmeath both go out in the 1st round of qualifiers


Kilkenny would wreck havoc in Div 2 however he’d have to play first , problem Castleknock have had has been a problem of their own success while a dual club its been impossible in the top div to play dual , lads have had to favor one code or another which hasn’t helped either team , also with predominantly young lads they’ve been hit hard by the draw of J1 visas etc therefore while I’d expect a to four finish I wouldn’t exactly put the mortgage on going up automatically


You’d say the same about Howard, Fenton, McCaffrey & Costello

Whitehall, Scoil, Raheny, Olafs & Naomh Fionnbarra’s are in the same boat as well. Its unfortunate that even at this level lads aren’t really able to play both sports unless its for a junior team.


Ah the auld media fairytale senior team from the grassroots.
I think only one team in recent Dublin SF has had more imports.


I know Scoil have a large clatter of dual players. They always have had. In my opinion it has cost them in AFL2 over the years as they have been around the playoff places a few times. They lost in the semi finals of both intermediate championships last season and have at least 6-7 lads on both teams. Finbars have traditionally been the same but from word of mouth Raheny and Olafs are now carrying very few dual players.


Raheny have very few dual players judging by their AFL9 team that finished league last year.
Probably the reality now that just isn’t possible at high club level in both codes.


I know from chatting to a Raheny man last year during our game that they were struggling to cope with the dual aspect of things.


After a quick goolge i found the Raheny team who played Plunketts in the Senior Football Championship last season and team who played Vincent’s in the Senior Hurling Championship. They had 3 players who started both games. Keogh, Grahman and Deignan. That is 20% and actually a lot for 2 Senior A panels.

Raheny – Ryan Bradshaw, Chris McElliney, Seán Byrne, Rutherson Real, David Shotwell, Seán McMahon, Darren Byrne, Brian Fenton, Conor Talty, Michael Grenham, Gavin Ivory, Brian Howard, Simon Deignan, Eoghan Keogh, Aran Kelly Subs Seán McCarthy (51), Seán Grenham (59)



Two lads that played Senior Hurling played with the afl 9 team all year and none came in when the hurling was over. One was eligible for championship and the other one wasn’t.


Slaughtneil and Loughmore-Castleiney in Tipp in last few year won both their county senior football and hurling championships in last few years so it is very possible just needs proper managing and not both codes managers butting heads and flogging lads


Finbarrs have about 3 or4 lads that don’t play both codes. The rest would be on both panels, over 10 start on each.


wasn’t suggesting there was anything untoward…never even hinted at that…all very legal but i did seem apparent that likes of david henry togging out in afl9 suggests that being a dual player on a club 2 1st teams…isnt an option any more