Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Cant see Annes coming back up straight away. With land rezoned around Boden/Firehouse are Boden recruiting in St Anne’s territy now? Boden are getting stronger then you have club down the road St Anne’s struggling.


I’m not sure to be honest, but they seem to be struggling underage too at the moment with most teams in the lower divisions. I think boden hoover up a load of players in ballycullen and firhouse, which would be closer to Anne’s. Thomas Davis are going well on the other side too which can’t be helping


Ya TD doing great work at juvenile level. Anne’s used to get a few players from Kilnamanagh but not anymore as KK have juvenile teams now.


Bastick would have been a huge addition having retired from intercounty. How many league games did Scully and O’Gagra play?


Fair play for turning around the C’ship disappointment too


Scandalous, if that is the case.


Absolutely, though he was struggling with a few niggles towards the end of the season but having him around the squad is huge from an experience point of view.

Re Niall & Eoghan, unsure of the number but every time they were available they played. Which isn’t enough for my liking but that’s a discussion for another day.


Think Pats will pass out either Raheny or Clontarf on head to head if neither of them pick up points in their remaining games.


I’d expect Clontarf to pick up points v O’Tooles & Raheny (If they have a full team) should be able to get something out of the Marys game.

The small consolation is that any of Clontarf, Pats & Raheny will have a home playoff game v Ravens


Clontarf beat O’Tooles last night


Anne’s only going one direction in the past few years. Great facilities but not enough players.


How did Skerries Clontarf finish up? Saw Harps got a good start but then Harps twitter phone died I think!


Skerries 1-11 Clontarf 1-8


Eir network let me down


Good win. Is that a playoff spot secure?
Jack play for Clontarf?


Boughal have given Fins a walkover at the weekend!


Pity it wasn’t conceded earlier & then Fins v Na Fianna could possibly have been fixed for this weekend instead.


Poor form by Boughal considering automatic promotion is at stake for several teams


Very strange decision, were Boughal still not in with a chance of 4th, although they would have had to beat Fins by 40+ points


Giving a walkover is a disgrace … if they bet fins and fins drew with Na Fianna there would be 3 teams on the same points 19 so they wouldn’t be able to use head to head etc… it’s a dreadful end to the season, walkovers should not be given at this level